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Charlie-Hebdo: Crossing the Red Line


We seek refuge with Allah from the cursed Shaitan.
The French satirical magazine, Charlie-Hebdo, published three (3) million copies of their absurdity yet again, just a week after some gunmen murdered eight journalists at the magazine and four others at another location in France.

This new issue further injured the personality of our Holy Prophet (S) as was previously done by the paper. This perfidious bunkum indeed crossed the red line. An absurd response to a glitch and extremism in stupidity carried too far in the name of free speech.
Undoubtedly, Charlie Hebdo is expecting some equally illogical
reactions from the Muslim community Worldwide, which would then be used against us as has been done countless times before. We refuse to fall cheaply to this ill-conceived blackmail. As students and lovers of intellectualism from the school of the Holy Prophet (S), we will never play to the gallery. History should have taught you what the consequences of your treacherous plots are.

The publication and indeed the whole stage show was clearly an act of provocation planned to coincide with the birth month of the Holy Prophet (S), when Muslims and even non-Muslims alike come out to demonstrate love to the Holy Prophet (S).


Unfortunately for the publishers, sponsors and supporters of Charlie Hebdo, their blasphemous treachery will only increase the numbers of lovers of the Holy Prophet (S) in geometric proportions.

For us and the many more that would consequently get to know the Holy Prophet (S) following your farcicality, Muhammad (S) is an important personality, beloved by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This is so because he came and met the World in darkness and he gave it light; he met ignorance and hopelessness, but left knowledge and hope; he saw barbarism and savagery, and he gave peace, direction, love and compassion. Muhammad (S) saw disrespect and killing of children and women, but he set them free and gave those rights and privileges; he met people without faith in True God, he changed their situation by giving them a religion that has withstood centuries of conspiracy and sabotage, based on the belief in one true God. He is an epitome of spirituality and morality. No amount of irresponsible cartoons would change all these and more.

We completely condemn this ridiculous disrespect to the person of Muhammad (S). We consider this insult as a gross act of provocation, in the name of journalism and free speech.

We pray that Allah, who is the best protector of the personality of
the Holy Prophet (S), punish the publishers and the promoters of those who make fun of the Prophet (S). May the wrath of Allah be on the cartoonists and all those who feel pleased with what they contrived to insult, provoke and deride our faith and its symbols.

 Finally, we renew our faith in Islam and the love of Muhammad (S), the embodiment of the highest moral standard. We are ever ready to sacrifice our souls in his defense.

S.I Ahmad