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How To Create a Custom Background

New Page 1 Easily create your own custom background! Here's how it works: 1. Create your own custom background 2. Name the image s5_background.jpg 3. Upload the file to templates/sportopolis/images/ and over-write the existing one 4. In the template configuration area select a background repeat color that will cover the areas of the screen that the…

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S5 Horizontal Login

The S5 Sportopolis Login Module can be demo'd login link on this page. Fully customize the module with label names and welcome messages of your own! To install this module simply download it from the Sportopolis download section, install the module and publish it to the 'login' position and that's it!

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Tool Tips Setup

Demo 1: <a onmouseover="Tip('This is a sample tooltip.', WIDTH, 140, OPACITY, 80, ABOVE, true, OFFSETX, 1, FADEIN, 200, FADEOUT, 300,SHADOW, true, SHADOWCOLOR, '#000000',SHADOWWIDTH, 2, BGCOLOR, '#000000',BORDERCOLOR, '#000000',FONTCOLOR, '#FFFFFF', PADDING, 9)" href=""> <img class="boxed2" alt="" src=""/> </a> Demo 2: <a href="index.htm" onmouseover="Tip('Image Demo <img src= width=220 height=147>')">Demo 2 Image…

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