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What If Africans Emulated the Path of Imam Husain (a.s)? By Shuaiby Isah Ahmad

Within the tranquil break of day, they stand in solitude, with hearts forged from unyielding steel and minds unmoved. They surrender their entirety for the cause of love and truth, answering the selfless summons wholeheartedly.Their life force, akin to a coursing river, flows boundlessly, nourishing the very roots of freedom's thriving tree. Amidst the depths of…

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Pro-Palestine Protest in Abuja

A pro-Palestine procession was staged in Wuse Abuja the Federal Capital today Friday the 7th of June 2024 by Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement under Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The Protesters condemned America-Israeli aggression on the people of Gaza, they also called for the boycott of all Israeli- products. Pro Palestine procession in Abuja

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A Tribute to a Luminary of Altruism and Scholarship: Celebrating the Enduring Legacy of Dr. Shuaibu Musa – _Muhammad Sabo

For over three and a half decades, our lives were graced by a shining star, a shining example of compassion, wisdom, and unwavering dedication to the greater good. Dr Shuaibu Musa, your life was a testament to the transformative power of dogged determination, commitment, learning, and service. As a consultant pediatrician, your healing touch and…

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