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Calamities befell Killers of Imam Husain(AS)

On Saturday the 21st of Muharram 1433 Sayyid Zakzaky narrated how the life of the killers of Imam Husain ended one after the other.

He explained none of them last long after the event; one of them was even apprehended on the plain of Karbala. Among them were those who died shortly after they reached homes.


He added that calamities of different nature befell killers of Imam Husain(AS)- some of them could not quench their thirsty even when they drink water; and despite the various calamities on each of them in this world lasting punishment  awaits them on the Day of Judgment.

as usual matam to mourn ashura tragedy was perform in which brother Mustafa Umar read the poetry on Karabala attrocites, followed by Ziyara and closing prayer by Sayyid Zakzaky.