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Buhari holding Sheikh Zakzaky Against Court Order- Hon Ebenezer Oyetakin

Who So Ever Is Advising Buhari To Continued To Hold Sheikh Zakzaky Against Court Order Is An Enemy Of Buhari And As Enemy Of Nigeria; Profound and Common sense would have informed this Government that the Continued detention and refusal of Court legitimate order

 to Set Sheikh Zakzaky free is not in the best interest of Mr. President, not in the best interest of the quest for national security and ultimately not in the best interest of Nigeria nation. It so totally appear that the Nigerian Government is rather obeying an order from Saudi Arabia and USA as well as some despicable sectarian figures in Nigeria, rather than considering the best interest of Nigeria.
I personally stood at the Zakzaky headquarters in Zaria to speak glowingly about why they should support Candidate Buhari during then forthcoming elections. To the best of my knowledge almost all of them with voters card voted Buhari. This was at the time some sectarian Islamic Sheikh of other sect were warning Buhari not to contest and we’re mobilising against him. How come those one are so freed with this government?
Why is Nigeria Government involving in glaring sectarianism against its national established constitutional order?
Now they are protesting legally demanding the enforcement of the legitimate Order of a Court duly given which has not been vacated and you are killing their members. Where are our good conscience against the background that about four Sons and hundreds of members of the Sheik were brutally murdered?
Too many questions begging for answers in the way and manners the Government is handling this particular case and it is conspicuously robbing off Government credibility.
May God help Nigeria and grant us enduring peace. It is most dangerous when we knowingly or inadvertently make enemies out of friends