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Buhari Cracks Down on IMN Members in Abuja

By Khalid Idris Doya
Buhari dispatched a combined team of security personnel to pounce on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who converged in thousands in Abuja to demand the immediate release of their leader, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, wife Malama Zeenatudden Ibraheem (ummush shuhada)

 and hundreds of his followers who have been detained without justification since the massacre of more than one thousand of their fellow members in Zaria almost ten months ago.

The soldiers had started their illegal crackdown by detaining hundreds of the IMN members on their ways to Abuja, and some of those detained

included the movement representative in Gombe, ,Malam Muhammad Abbare and many other people from Bauchi, Gombe, Kaduna, Kano and Adamawa. The soldiers had only released them when the rally ended later today.

Unsatisfied by the crackdown, the soldiers attempted in vain to commit another massacre by using excessive force, similar to the one they

used in massacring them in Zaria by using teargas, life bullets and dispatching hundreds of soldiers just to confront their protesters who

are only demanding the release of their leader.

As the event unfolded, it is now proven that the army’s crackdown has injured a score of members, but with Allah’s intervention, no death is

recorded so far.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have long derided Buhari as tyrant who has no feeling about the values of human right despite his

unwavering attempts to seek international recognition. They also vowed not to relent protesting until their leader is released.