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Brothers set free by Court Visit Leader

The Leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky met with the brothers and sisters who were arrested during the Zaria Massacre and unjustly detained for four years in Kaduna prison before being discharged and acquitted. The brothers set acquitted and set free by the High Court in Kaduna 3 years ago.

According to the statement by the Chief Judge, the prosecution didn’t prove any of the charges against any of those standing trial. There a number of landmark cases in which the government had failed to convict any brothers since the Zaria massacre of December 2015. Hundreds of brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have been discharged and acquitted for alleged crimes including that of culpable homicide among others after proper trials in courts.

It could be recalled that on Tuesday 30/07/2018 Justice David Shiri Wyom at the Kaduna State High Court cleared over 80 brothers of the Islamic Movement of criminal charges.

It should be noted that the persecution of the brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria led by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky failed in all attempts. The High Courts in Kaduna and Sokoto, as well as the Court of Appeal, have discharged and acquitted 309 members of the Islamic Movement and dismissed the frivolous charges brought against them over the years.



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