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Bring forth 40 Hadiths by Sayyedah Fatima Zahra, win brand new car!

By Ibrahim Usman
In preparation for the forthcoming International Women’s Day, which is the birthday of Sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahra (AS), Beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) on 20th Jimada Thani, Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Kano Zone under His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has aside prize of a brand new car and other fabulous prizes for any woman who brings forth 40 Hadiths by Sayyedah Zahra (AS).

The annual celebration of birthday of Sayyedah Zahra (Yawm Zahra), is usually accompanied by fabulous prizes by the Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement to encourage and promote research knowledge of the divine status of Sayyedah Zahra, as well as to create more awareness on her pivotal status in Islamic teaching and that of her progeny.

Organizers have outlined rules governing conduct of the competition which included, 40 clearly written Hadith in Arabic or good and concise translation in English or Hausa, taking into consideration all linguistic structures and grammar.

The competition is open to all sisters from within and outside the Islamic Movement. Closing date for all entries is end of Jimada Ula 1436.