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intelligent reportA secret memo sent to Commissioner of Police Zamfara state, by the Zamfara State Director of Security, Y. A. KURE, fsi, on the 9th of Aug 2014 reveals plan to unleash terror and shed more blood across the country.

 The secret memo with No. O.12/475 and  heading  “THREAT OF ATTACK ON SECURITY FORMATIONS”  signed by Direcor of SSS, Zamfara state, Y. A. Kure reads as follows:

Intelligence at the disposal of this Command revealed plans by the Shiites Islamic Sect to attack security units/formations across the country. This is to avenge the recent attack on their procession in Zaria, Kaduna state allegedly by the military which they claimed resulted in the death of their members, including three (3) sons of the sect’s spiritual leader, Ibrahim EL-ZAKZAKY.

2. Consequently, you are advised to step-up vigilance in and around your facilities/installations while alerting personnel on same.

3. This is for your information and appropriate action, please.”


1. It can be equally deduced that similar messages were sent to all States Commissioners of Police to do the same by their respective SSS Directors.  This will give them opportunity to kill more innocent lives and those they called ‘Shiite Islamic Sect’ whom they allege plan to avenge for the killings of their members by attacking Units/formations across the country.  Only those whose mental faculty is imbalance can write such a thing like: ‘avenge the recent attack…‘. This report is not only false and unintelligence, but shows calculated plan to carry out nationwide attacks to kill innocent lives. 

2. False flag operation It is clear from the unintelligent report that false flag attacks would be carried out by a group of people who will be assigned to do so on security units/formations and to shift blame on whom they called “Shiite Islamic Sect” in order justify their plan of killing innocent lives.  

3. Why calling the Islamic Movement a “Shiite Islamic Sect?”!!!!.  The Islamic Movement IS NOT A SECT; It is a mass movement comprising of  people from all works of life-professionals in diiferent fields, businesses, intellctuals, academics,  etc. 

 4. Depsite the current insecurity more atmosphere of insecurity is created across the country, to the extent that  security units/formations nationwide are advised, by the memo, to set up vigilance around the facilities/ installations and this clearly hints on the false flag operation.