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Breaking: Bomb Blast targeted on Ashura Processions in Potiskum kills 27

By K. Isah
Like many cities and towns in Nigeria, Ashura procession was held in Potiskum to commemorate the Ashura Tragedy and the Sacrifice of Imam Husain(alaihis salam)  who was matryed in the defence of Islam, Justice and humanity.

The procession ended in Potiskum peacefully around 12 noon.  However, as people were on their way back to their various destinatiions, a road side bomb targetting them blasted and killed several people many of them children. The number of people killed, as per the information at hand, reached 27. Out the figure, three  are sisters.

22 of them are victims of the bomblast while 5 were shot died by the Nigerian soldiers who opended fire on people, just after the blast, at area close to the Center (Markaz) of the Islamic Movement.  in both cases over 80 were injured at various degrees.

 It should be noted that among those who were matryred by bomblast 16 are children. Below are pictures of Ashura procession in Potiskum. Mallam Mustafa gave the closing speech and prayers.