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The foundation was officially inaugurated by the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, on Saturday 17th Rajab 1411 AH. .// 1st January 1992, during a massive gathering of the members of the Movement at Babban Dodo ground in Zaria City. This followed the first official brutal clampdown on members of the Islamic Movement by the then Military Dictatorship in NIGERIA, of General Ibrahim Babangida, at Katsina. Many members were wounded, a lot were arrested and Malam Abubakar Shehu Modomawa was MARTYRED. Earlier on in 1980 at a seminar in Bauchi, Mobile Police opened fire and killed Muhammad, a teenager, and member of the movement. Such brutal unwarranted attacks continued with subsequent regimes. In his inauguration speech, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky enumerated the responsibilities of the foundation and appointed aboard of Trustee for it. As at the time of this write up, there were one one hundred and sixteen (118) ) martyrs in the Islamic Movement. Of these martyrs many had families, parents and dependants. They left a total of one hundred and twenty eight (153) children, as ORPHANS, both male and female, of different age groups.
The foundation organises public lectures, seminar all over the country, in addition to an annual Yaumu Shuhada celebration which is in commemoration of the MARTYRDOM of our Shuhada and others the world over. This great yearly event that takes place in the month of Rajab (17th) is attended by members of the Islamic Movement and people from all works of live within and outside the country. The leader of the Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky addresses this gathering on the occasion. The activities of the foundation include efforts at ensuring the education of children of Shuhada in both religious and contemporary matters. The foundation and members of the movement, took upon themselves, though to a limited extent, the social wellbeing of the orphans at their various places of residence, which includes their, accommodation, feeding, clothing, medical care and the rest. The lean resources at our disposal have limited our activities.
Further information on the orphans and the foundation can be obtained on request.
The Foundation has been able to implement only a small part from its aims and objectives that include: – 1. To provide orphans with necessary assistance both (material and spiritual) with specific reference to children of Shuhada; also to include victims of natural disasters and social upheavals, prisoners etc. 2. To establish schools from nursery to tertiary institutions – Universities, Polytechnics and School of Health Technologies. 3. To provide such orphans with scholarships at all levels of their education. 4. To create and fund research in institutions, in fields that shall be beneficial to humanity. 5. To provide adequate health facilities from basic health facilities to the highest possible medical facilities available at any point in time. 6. To acquire land, developed and undeveloped, so as to provide orphanages, residential estates, schools etc. 7. To establish organizations that shall be solely responsible for making and publishing of Textbooks, periodicals, journals, Newspapers in areas deemed necessary by the foundation. 8. To establish good electronic and satellite media outfits. 9. To create a conducive atmosphere for interaction, cross-fertilization of ideas and co-operation with similar foundations and other organizations. 10. To organize and participate in seminars, conferences, workshops, within and outside the country. 11. To solicit for and receive donations in cash or kind from individuals, governments and NGO’s. 12. To invest part of the funds realized through the above-mentioned sources in companies; shareholdings; bonds etc, the proceeds of which shall be used in running the activities of the foundation
Resources for activities of the foundation had been mainly from donations, by members of the Islamic Movement, and some sympathizers. Other sources include revenue generated from sales of products made by the foundation like Shrouds, jotters, Islamic films & songs in video & Audiocassettes and some books.
Donations in cash or kind to SHUHADA FOUNDATION can be channeled through its head office at No.1 Baban Dodo Zaria City, Nigeria.
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