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Praise be to Allah Ta’ala , who created man and taught him by the pen. Peace and endless blessings of Allah be upon our leader, prophet, Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWA), his pure progeny and noble companions and those who tread their path and struggle to establish the supremacy of Allah on earth till the last hour. May Allah Ta’ala shower his blessings and salutations on the imam of our age, the charismatic grandson of the Holy Prophet, Alhujjah bn Hasan Al-askari (AS). May he continue to guide, protect, and assist our teacher and guide Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, The Fudiyyah Islamic Centre, came into being in the year 2002 . The Centre, a piece of land containing 3no 3Bedroom houses and a block consisting of 5 shops, is located along Kaduna-Kano Express way near Dan Magaji-Wusasa Junction. The place was acquired through donations and monthly-pledges by the members of Islamic Movement under the distinguished leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky. Thanks to the idea of self-reliance and sacrifice imparted on Brothers and Sisters by the Allah-guided Leadership of the Movement. After the place was acquired, renovations were carried out male and female toilet blocks were built. The Centre (Markaz) now consists of a Maktabah (library), an Audio-Visual Unit, a Provision Store and a Computer Room attached to the library. One of the former houses was converted to a dormitory after some adjustments. Initially, the intention and idea of Sheikh Zakzaky was to establish a “MADRASAH’; a citadel of learning as obtained in other Muslim countries. The Madrasah according to the sheikh is supposed to be self-contained in the true and real meaning of the word. It consists of a Library, a Masjid, Classes, Hostels, Dinning Hall, Store, Provision store, Audio-Visual unit etc. A student could even spend up to 15-20 years in the Madrasah learning, researching and imparting knowledge! The idea of building a Madrasah is not discarded; in fact, another piece of land about a kilometer or more away from the Islamic Centre has already been acquired and fenced for the purpose of building it. Planning and sourcing for finance is presently going on to ensure the Madrasa project becomes a reality in the very near future.
The name Fudiyyah, is from the word FODIO which in the language of FULFULDE means ‘the Learned’. It was a title given to the father of the late Reformer, Scholar and Guide Shehu Uthman bn Fodio (May Allah Forgive Him and have mercy on his soul) who was, and is still revered by our people. The Shehu and his Jama’ah (Students and Followers) struggled, fought and eventually established a government based on the tenets of Islam under the Supremacy of Allah Ta’ala on this part of the Globe. After the establishment of the central government, Shehu Dan Fodio (RA) sent his students (representatives) to various towns and cities to teach and guide people under the new Islamic dispensation. Thus, the era of tyranny and subjugation by the former Hausa Kings (Sarakai) was terminated and brought to an end. Masjid (Mosques) was built beside the houses of Shehu’s representatives. These mosques became cetres of Islamic learning and from them big madrasas such as the one intended here sprang out. These madrasas dedicated themselves to the extensive development and teaching of Islamic jurisprudential and social sciences. The hundreds of books on various topics ranging from ADMINISTRATION to ECONOMICS and other subjects such as Bayani wujubil-hijrati alal-ibad and Dhiya’ul-hukkam writen by the sheikh, his brother Abdullahi, and his son Muhammad Bello and other disciples of Shehu are a testimony to this fact. With the coming of colonialists and subsequent corruption of the society, the Islamic teachings and system of governance were abandoned even though the name Fodio is still being used in naming School buildings and Universities; and instead alien western culture, civilization and system of governance were forced on people. The beginning of the Islamic movement in Nigeria marked the resuscitation of the teachings of sheikh Usman bin Fodio. What are the teachings of Shehu Danfodio in a nut shell? The teachings of Shehu are imparting knowledge and mobilization and reawakening of people to stand up against oppression and repression and strive to live according to the dictates and laws of their creator, the Creator of Heavens and Earth and what is contained in between them! The leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky considered that since our aim to revive the teachings and struggle of the sheikh, and through them Allah willing, establish His rule at least in this part of the world, we should adopt the name FUDIYYA for our Madrasas . We have small Fudiyyah Schools in almost 200 towns, villages and cities. In almost all major Dawa’ir (circles), there is a Fudiyyah operating a syllabus of either Nursery/Primary or Islamiyyah or Adult-Education (sisters wing) or all the three types of syllabus initiated by the FUDIYYAH SCHOOLS SYLLABUS REVISION COMMITTEE. It is our prevent hope that the committee, in the near future will come out with a syllabus for Secondary Schools in sha’allah. The Fudiyyah school syllabi are designed to encompass all aspects good education , Scientific and Islamic.
PROGRAMMES CONDUCTED AT THE CENTRE Various programmes are carried out and conducted at the Center by various segments and arms of the movement. These programmes are on weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually basis. 1. Tafseer (Exegesis) of the Holy Qur’an, conducted by Maulana Sheikh Zakzaky every Wednesday evening at the Centre (4.00-6.00 PM). 2. Ad’iayah (supplications) Wednesday and Fridays nights. 3. Seminars, conferences, courses organized by the sisters wing of the movement . 4. Seminars/meetings by the Hurras (Guards). 5. Daurah ( Intensive Educational Programme) organized on quarterly basis for sisters and brothers at the centre. 6. Seminars and conferences by the Medical team. 7. Seminars by the Shuhada Foundation’ 8. Seminars/Symposia/Meetings by both the Academic and Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement. We are very grateful to our Leader and Teacher Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky whose inspiration, guidance and advises makes the centre a reality. We are also grateful to sisters and brothers whose contributions in cash and kind helps to a certain extent in maintaining and running the centre which is not an easy task indeed. With Allah Ta’ala, everything is possible. May he establish our feet firmly and reward and continue to protect, defend, assist, guide and help Sheikh Zakzaky and his lieutenants. Bissalam, Yours in Islam Muhammad Kabir Alkanawiy, Fudiyyah Islamic Centre, Zaria FIC ,P. O. BOX 686,Zaria, Tel: 069-331533, 08028451830, 08065736211