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Blood donation during Muharram Majalis in Kaduna, Nigeria + Pictures

By Ibrahim Usman
Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) across the country use the period of Muharram Majalis to donate blood to those in critical need of it, as did Imam Husain (AS) who sacrificed his blood and that of his family to save humanity.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) had urged members to use Muharram mourning session and other related Majalis to donate blood for the sake of Allah, and in conformity to the sacrifice made by Abi Abdullahi Husain and the Pure Household of the Prophet.


He had also permitted the National Blood Transfusion Service to patronize gatherings of the Movement to attend to the willing donors.

In response to this call in Kaduna and other places, people queue up at the tent specially erected for officials of the National Blood Transfusion Service to attend to the multitude of willing and eager donors.

Working alongside officials of the Movement’s health care unit, Islamic Movement Medical Initiative (ISMA), the blood transfusion officials will sure the period of the Ashura mourning for the task.

It would be recalled that, the National Blood Transfusion Service had presented an award of recognition and meritous service to Sheikh Zakzaky for encouraging and advancing blood donation in religious circle.