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Blasphemous cartoons about Holy Prophet (PBUH) is another conspiracy against Islam – Ayatollah Hussaini Bushahri

Source: ABANA
Trustee of religious schools in Iran, Ayatollah Syed Hashim Hussaini Bushahri, says a unified thought and ideology of scholars is a very important matter in resolving difficulties and conflict issues.

Ayatollah Syed Hashim Hussaini Bushahri while addressing the 9th annual meeting of scholars in Qom said, scholars should have analogous thought which he described as a very important tool for conflict resolution and panacea to problems.


He further said that our enemies make incalculabe conspiracies against Islam and they do not spare a single effort of destroying Islam.

While pointing towards the terrorist activities in France, he said that reaction of this incident indicates that it was an inside job.

He said that these people have disrespected Holy Prophet (SAWW), which is a great conspiracy against Islam.