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Birthday of Imam Hussain(AS): Mal Mukhtar Sahabi calls for renewed struggle against modern tyranny

By Ibrahim Usman- At the weekly Friday sermon in Tudun Wada Kaduna Friday mosque, Malam Muhammad Mukhtar Sahabi called for renewed struggle against tyranny
 and oppression on the birthday of Doyen of Martyrs, Imam Hussain bn Ali (A.S.) on Shaaban 3, Islamic calendar.
Malam Mukhtar  Sahabi, who was speaking on the virtures of month of Rajab and birthday of Imam Hussain (A.S.) to multitude of worshippers, described the miraculous birth, life time, struggle and eventual martyrdom of the Holy Imam as unprecedented in human history.
He therefore called on the Muslim Ummah to emulate the struggle of Imam Hussain (A.S.) in our present day situation by sacrificing our all for truth and justice to prevail.
Reflecting on the current chaos in the country, the Islamic scholar reminded Muslims not to be deceived by the strategies of enemies of Islam and society in general, who execute dastardly acts on daily basis in the name of Islam. “we should not forget the warning of Maulana Zakzaky, who throughout his series of speeches last Maulud warned Nigerians not to be deceived into religious cirisis against Muslims and Christians”.
According to him, the whole aim of the wanton exercise was to wage war against Islam in Nigeria by annihilating the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky. He said, the incident in Potiskum had clearly unmasked the people who plant bombs and kill people across the country. He said, they targeted selected individual members of the Islamic Movement for execution in the name of “unknown gunmen”.
Commenting on the situation in Kaduna, Malam Mukhtar Sahabi said it was a calculated attempt to instigate disaffection and mayhem among Muslims and Christians, with Muslims as the culprits. “They created this problem and imposed curfew on the state as a way of starving the people towards forced obedience”.
He pointed out that, the only solution to the present situation is toeing the path of Imam Hussain (A.S.), and strict allegience to Sayyed Zakzaky, whose teaching and foresight, he said, is the only solution to the present day predicament.