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Birthday commemoration of Imam Ali(AS) marked in Kano./Pictures

Sheikh TuriBy Muhammad Isa Ahmad
In continuation of birthday comommeration of Ameerul Mu’uminin (AS) in the holy month of Rajab, the Kano zone of the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) held its annual maulid of Ameerul Mu’uminin (AS) on Friday 17th Rajab 1435(16/5/14),

four days after the Movement’s maulid held at Husainiyya Baqiyatullah Zariya. The guest speaker Shaikh Muhammad M Turi extended his happiness and congratulations for yet seeing another blessed month of Rajab in which our blessed Ameerul Mu’uminin (AS) was borned on 13th Rajab. Shaikh Turi reiterated the fact that the life of Ameerul Mu’uminin (AS) is full of lessons worthly of emulation, and its as a result of this even the United Nation (UN) have adjoined Imam Aliy (AS) a “Model” worthy of emulation.


Due to time limitations Shaikh Turi read out some narations showing virtues, bravity, command, status of Imam Aliy (AS) in the sight of Allah (T) etc.

With Rajab dua and Ameerul Mu’uminin ziyara, walima was served and with a closing dua marked the end of the maulid. Maulidin Ameerul mu’uminin is conducted at various levels and groups by the youths of the Islamic movement in Nigeria with a grand finale to be conducted in Kano city around the end of Rajab.