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Birth commemoration of Sayyedah Zahra (AS) in Potiskum/Pictures

By Ibraheem El-Tafseer
It was a day full of activities when Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky commemorated the birth anniversary of Sayyedah Fatimah al-Zahra (AS) in Potiskum, north-east Nigeria. The vent took place on Thursday, 16/04/2015.

 After recitation from the Holy Qur’an, ziyarat, a kid poet, Sakina Tahir, demonstrated high sense of eloquence with shower of praises on Sayyedah Zahra (AS) which captivated attention of the audience.

Other activities for the day included Qur’anic recitation competition, quiz on the life of Sayyedah Zahra (AS) and debate.

March pass and taekwondo display were also highlights of the occasion. Come people of decent character

First speaker at the occasion was Malam Abubakar Maina, who spoke on the life of Sayyedah al-Zahra (AS), her divine status.

“Every good thing is found in Sayyedah Zahra. From her Allah created light that illuminates the whole world. Only Allah knows the real status of Sayyedah Zahra and her progeny. Let us emulate her so that we become people of decent character and good conduct. While we rejoice her birth, we also mourn her martyrdom. Sayyedah Zahra suffered greatly during her life time,” explained Malam Maina.

Guest speaker at the occasion was Sayyed Mustapha Lawal Nasidi, who described the house of Sayyedah Zahra as the best home ever found on the face of earth.

“It is the home of the Infallibles. There is no home, and there will never be, a home where lady of the home, her husband and children are all Infallible. Fatima al-Zahra is not an ordinary being. Allegiance to her and her household is the outstanding divine blessing bestowed on a person. Heaven is created for their lovers, hell is created for their enemies.”

At the end of the speeches, gifts were presented to all those who excelled in the various segments of the competitions organized.

Similarly there was a tour of Fadaq, Orchard of Sayyedah Zahra (AS) by guests, followed by other people in attendance. Fruits from the orchard were picked gifts.

The specials guests planted a mango tree in the Orchard located in Fudiyyah School, venue of the occasion, soliciting for divine blessing.