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In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May His peace and blessings be upon our noble prophet Muhammad (sawa), his purified progeny and faithful companions till the last hour.

Today we are marking the 1489th birthday anniversary of the Holy prophet of Islam, who is sent by Allah the Creator of the Earth and the Universe and all that is between them, so as to remove mankind from the shackles of tyranny and oppression as Prophet Moses (AS) was commanded. "We sent Moses with Our Signs, ‘Bring out the people from the depths of darkness into Light, and Teach them to remember the Days of Allah. verily in this are Signs for such as are firmly patient and constantly grateful and full of appreciation."
Indeed, this is a period of sober reflection for the followers of the Religion of  Islam;The Holy Prophet is sent as   a blessing to the whole of Mankind with guidance and the Religion of Truth, so as to perfect Good Manners. "Verily You are of best(Noble) Character."
The Prophet (sawa) being the role model for Humanity, he has examplify what the Religion of Islam is and    how it should be performed, but today, the Enemies of humanity are trying very hard to establish their new brand of Islam in order to tarnish the Image of Islam and The Muslim. The created the Taliban, Daesh, ISIS who are now killing innocent lifes in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Barka, Palestine just to mention but a few.
Verily, the 12th of December 2015 will never be forgotten by Men and Women of Conscience because of Genocide committed by the Nigerian Military on the Members of the Islamic Movement under the able Leadership of his Eminence Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky at Zaria;where by hundreds if not thousands of defenseless Men, Women and children were killed under the pretext of blocking road to the Chief of Army Staff COAS Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, and hundreds were detained and denied Food and Medical attention.

It is a known fact that Mission of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria  is calling for Truth, Justice, Equity and Fairness and it cannot be derailed from that cause by any act of deliberate provocation as the Shaikh’s rightly says last year after three of Sons and 30 of his followers were brutally killed by the Nigerian Military under the command of Col.  Okuh (25th July 2014). "Our weapon is positive Reasoning, Truth and Good Conduct. gun are  for the reckless and foolhardy. We have been conducting our affairs peacefully, calling people to the Truth for the last 3 6 years. So you cannot come overnight and attribute violence to us, that we now resort to killing people. This is impossible, we save lives, not kill them. "
The prophet was reported to have said :" Teach your children 3 good traits ;1-The love of your Prophet. 2.The love of his household. 3.The recitation of the Holy Qur’an. "Oh! My dear brothers and sisters, know that the the household of Holy Prophet (sawa) and the Glorious Qur’an are together uptill the time they meet him at the fountain of Al-Kauthar..
As we mark the the birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and Christmas this time, 619days have passed with Nigerians and the rest of world heard the where about of the over 200  Chibok Girls. But the Nigerian Military as a cover up desended heavily on defenseless Muslims in order to throw the nation in to confusion, as the International Zionist wanted. We do salute the courage of the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign. Allah the Most High is the Protector of those that are oppressed..

Finally we are calling on Government to :
1.Unconditionally release Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
.2.To stop molestation as well as all hostility against his followers and to be allowed freedom of speech, expression and associations and freedom of religion as enshrined in the Constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria.
3.To release all those that were unjustly arrested and detained for no any reason.
4.To pay full compensation for lives that were killed or maimed and the properties that were destroyed.
5.A high powered Judicial Commission of Inquiry to be setup to over seen by the International community so as the culprits of this genocide be brought to book.
We wish our Christian brethren in Nigeria and the world over a successful, wonderful, and pleasant  Christmas and a Happy New Year in Advance.
may Allah hastened the appearance of the Imam of the Age(Imam Mahdi af) and the 2nd coming Prophet Isa(AS) (Christ the son of Mary the Lady of Light.
"Our you who believe, stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealings and let not the hatred of others to you, make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. be Just, that is next to piety:and fear Allah, for Allah is well acquainted with all that you do. "(chapter 5:9)
Regards for all that stood up for the Truth.


Abdurrahman Abubakar Yola