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Between a Hunting Dog and his Hunter Boss

By Mahfuz Mundadu
The article captioned “Extremism: Return of Aspiring Terrorists” written by one Charles Ibekwe and published by Today on Sunday 17th July, 2016 refers. “The strategies for anti-Yusuf Burutai has change…” So writes Charles Ibekwe. Those good in giving excuses are seldom good in anything else, but Charles seem not to know or so he pretends. 

In trying to defend Burutai,Charles ended up battering what remains of hisbenefactor’s already bettered image, more. The call for Burutai to come clean on corruption related accusations is in the sprit of anti corruption drive, this being one of the corner stones of this administration. And if such a call is what Charles Ibekwe calls anti-Yusuf Burutai, then Charles must have ended up equating Burutai with corruption.

Simply put, if anti corruption campaign equals anti-Yusuf Burutai, as insinuated by Charles Ibekwe, thenthe difference between corruption and Yusuf Burutai is the one between six and half a dozen. Yet Charles suppose to be defending Burutai. Butwith such a defender I do not think Burutai needs an enemy. Or could it be that Charles is trying to be satirical. If yes then, first thing first. Charles would have taken a lesson from Basket Mouth before such a crude attempt.

“Burutai is their enemy…” If corruption equals Burutai…and anti- corruption is synonymous to anti-Burutai, then to be an enemy to corruption qualifies you to be the enemy of Burutai. To this extents and under such a context, I remain proudly one and unapologetically so.

“In December of 2015 IMN’s alleged attempt on Burutai’s life drew unexpected repercussions.” The unexpected repercussion that Charles is having difficulty mentioning was the massacre of 1000+ innocent souls by the Nigerian army under the command and control of, we all know who. In resorting to half truth, baseless and unfounded allegations Charles seems to have lost track of events as they unfolded. About eight months after the Zaria massacre nobody was arraigned before any court of law within or outside Nigeria on any count charge to the effect of “attempting to assassinate” Burutai. Even the ardent defenders of the Zaria massacre have since abandon such line of argument in favour of “protective custody”. That is the down side of being an arm chair columnist.

“The sect that has oppressed Zaria and environs in Kaduna state never expected law and order could be enforced by a secular Army”. As one goes on to read that trash authored by Charles one starts to really appreciate the fact that practice indeed makes perfect. But the problem with being a pathological liar is that at a point in time the pathological liar starts becoming a victim of his hoarydeceits.

Enforcement of law and order is the constitutional responsibility of the Nigerian Police Force. Morally and legally speaking, if there was indeed an attempt on Burutai’s life then Burutai can not and must not be a prosecutor, a witness, a judge and the executioner in his own case. But in the case of Zaria massacre that was exactly what did happen. Having succeeded in killing Muslims in drove and failed woefully in killing Islamic awareness the likes of Charles would have understand and appreciate the fact that might wasn’t, isn’t and would never ever on its own be right. The power of logic and reasoning has since dragged the ugly faces of falsehood on the filthy mud of shame and disgrace. Their pot belly has been filled to capacity with humble pie. Now that the international criminal court is calling, the cowards seemed to have started wetting their crisp Khaki pantaloons.Polpot, Pinochet, RadovanKaradich all of inglorious memory are about to have soul and cellmates.

“They have built a militant base of radicalized youths that enforced their brutal occupation of the areas they chose”. Charles is having some challenges differentiating between Niger Delta Avengers and the peaceful, unarmed members of the Islamic Movement. Niger Delta Avengers are the ones that asked the commander in chief not to step in to their territory if he really value his life. He did comply. Because when it come to some truly radicalized youth even the Dubai landlord cum the butcher in zaria massacre can not guarantee him safe passage to and from the creek where there seem to be “are state wizin are state”.Hehehehe!

But we seemed to have been distracted for so long a piece. Now back to the bone of contention. Where did Burutai get the one million five hundred thousand dollars he used in buying choice property in Dubai? Solana Olumhense have this to say I  his column of Sunday Trust of July 17, 2016. Read on:

“The army stated that the Buratai family actually has two properties in Dubai, paid for in instalments through personal savings three years ago.
The government, similarly, hurriedly cleared the army chief. But it said nothing about [the] property. Instead, it said Buratai and his wives invested as “shareholders.” It made sure it did not say the General bought two pieces of property.

And then the Code of Conduct Bureau entered the story last week, following a Freedom of Information request by a citizen. It confirmed that Buratai owns the Dubai assets, and has declared them. The Bureau’s exact words are interesting: “We also wish to confirm that his property at Dubai was declared in the wife’s name.”

“His property…declared in the wife’s name.” These claims are in conflict and are difficult to reconcile. To Buratai goes the credit for his dogged personal savings. But consider that while the government says he acquired the Dubai assets in collaboration with his wives, the CCB says he declared it in the name of one. Did he declare one-or both-in his wife’s name, or each property in the name of a different wife?

If he declared both in the name of one of the wives, it is quite conceivable, but unlikely, that he wedded the second only AFTER he had declared his assets in the name of the first. But that would then make nonsense of the clearance statement of the government that Buratai “and his wives” were together as “shareholders.”

What we have here is a sad tale that could have been an inspiring one. We could have had the outstanding tale of a soldier who can teach the world a thing or two about skillful money management and enterprise.

We could have enjoyed a scintillating tale of one of the few successful men making polygamy and serial fatherhood flourish on a salary, demonstrating his wizardry in production, management, marketing and export. Instead, we have a tale that appears to be contrived and controlled, and this has arisen because for a government which says it wants to fight corruption, Buhari shut the anti-corruption agencies from a routine investigation.

And also because Buratai, for his part, mistakenly conceives of silence as defense. That is how he has emerged as the most dangerous opponent to Buhari’s anti- corruption war, capable of eviscerating it from within.”

Me talking now. Charles take note. To be the mouth piece of tyrants, oppressors, Dracula and the“sagacious saver of our time” you need tones of intelligence. But you seemed to have a fraction of an ounce. So take a bow and get lost.