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Batool, 18 month old, was amongst the victims of zaria massacre

buhari jega and familyBy Abubakar Bello
Matyr Batool Bukhari Jega, 18 month old todler was amongst the victims of zaria massacre, Batool was a baby I envied (on behalf of my unborn child) because I saw in her a very bright future, being a product of a very intelligent,vibrant, pious, activist, columnist, public affairs analyst (Bukhari Mohammad Bello Jega), and a shy and pious mom (Sister Aisha).

The last time I set my eyes on baby Batool was last year when I paid a visit to her maternal grandparent’s house at Abuja, i was sitting right in front of the house when I saw batool on the comfort of her mother’s arm entering the house, i felt the urge to get my mentor’s Batool out her mom’s arm and play with her, but her mom’s shyness drove the courage out of me.

Narrating to me how little batool was martyred, a suvivor of the massacre (Abdullahi muhammad musa) who is more of a brother than friend to me, who was also an uncle to Batool’s mother told me that he spotted his niece chanting INNALILLAHI WAINNAILAYHIR RAJI’UN (From Allah we are and to He we shall return) while trying to save her crying baby from the raining bullets, she managed to enter sheikh Zakzaky’s residence, before she was later shot in the head by when the soldiers finally broke into the house.

Another suvivor told my friend (Abdullahi) that he saw a todler whose mother was shot dead aproached a soldier amidst cry calling "BABA" (FATHER), the response she got was a bullet!!!? There is no certainty whether the shot todler was little Batool, but Batool, her dad, mom and two of her aunts actually lost their lives in the zaria massacre.

O Allah all we seek for is Your divine justice.

buhari jega and family

Batool and her father Buhari all martryed

buhari jega and family

Batool, her father and mother all killed by Nigerian soldiers

buhari jega and family

Shaheedah Batool Buhari Jega