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Auspicious birth anniversary of ‘Sayyida al-Zahra’ celebrated in Sweden

Source: ABNA
On the auspicious birth anniversary of Prophet Muhamamd’s daughter ‘Sayyidah Fatima’ a group of Muslims distributed 1444 pieces of cakes and 1444 roses in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden on Sunday.
"Muslims celebrate birth anniversary of Fatima al-Zahra every year but now we want to invite even non-Muslims to participate", says Marjan Noory, who is involved in organizing the party.
She hopes that even non-Muslims wish to participate in the festivities at Gustav Adolf Square.

"This is a great opportunity for non-Muslims to meet us and ask questions and doubts in their mind about Muslims believes and activities. Unfortunately there are still prejudices about the Muslim woman in western countries. I am a Muslim and the fact is that I choose to wear Hijab by my own decision and I am not forced to do that. Always my non-Muslim friends ask me that if I am forced to wear Hijab and is it not permissible for women to drive or have driving license?"