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By Dauda Nalado

The establishment of a highly promising Islamic Government in Iran has led to and continues to sustain Islamic awakening in the World. The hegemony of the arrogant powers on the other hand continues to fade away. This of course is to be expected because it is an outlook that is based on the predominance of its materialistic interests through spreading inequality and oppression, poverty and deprivation, aggression, occupation and deception, and tends to bring the entire world under its control and impose its will on other nations.

 This outlook has produced nothing but frustration, disappointment and a dark future for all of humanity.

Nigeria, a creation of British Imperialism, possess vast resources (human, oil, gas and solid minerals) needed by the oppressive powers. There is majority Muslim population. Coupled with this there is the general Islamic awakening sweeping across Middle East and North Africa. There is an Iran model Islamic Movement led by an undeterred leader. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria enjoys widespread, balanced and loyal follower ship that is ever ready to act with a unity of purpose. It was able to keep to its aims and objectives. It targets the peoples’ faculty of reasoning backed by sound Islamic knowledge.

It is rapidly becoming a formidable, articulated and consistent mass Movement with a very high potential of a full pledged revolutionary force to replace the existing chaotic order in Nigeria. One can clearly see the reason behind the continuous effort of successive Nigerian tyrannical rulers to drive away people from the Movement: Campaigns of calumny, character assassination, raising sectarian bigotry, backing thugs to attack members and direct attacks from security operatives. The Islamic Movement in it’s over thirty years of existence has never resorted to arms, in fact it does not need them. It is an intellectual Movement that reminds people in general and Muslims in particular about our basic obligations as human beings and as Muslims.

Each time an attempt is made against the Movement by the successive corrupt and irresponsible Nigerian Authorities or their proxies, it turns out into an advantage. The mass popularity and influx in to the Movement after the brutal attacks of the Abacha Junta attested to this. In fact the truant Brutus wanted to kill Zakzaky by charging him on account of ‘treasonable felony’ because he declared that there is no Authority except that of Allah. The watchful eyes of the World arrogant powers spearheaded by America and the illegal and apartheid Israel follow this trend with keen interest. They have access to our black gold almost free. They are quite afraid that their oppressive interests are highly at stake.


Their mentor, the Devil, whispered to them a grand evil design: planning, initiation, execution and management of a faceless Boko Haram a hoax to deceive people into believing that an extremist Islamic organization exists and that it is going about killing innocent souls and bombarding places with the intention of establishing an Islamic government. This is a gruesome act of subjecting Islam to ridicule. They rendered the Nigerian Government redundant. Everything is being planned and executed from America.  Government has no power or control over its resources and security system. Nigerian security and armed forces are mere tools being paid without their clear vision of what is happening behind the scene.

The hegemonic powers aim to suppress the Islamic resurgence and prevent the current wave of Islamic awakening taking place in other countries to reach Nigeria. For them to do that, they have the following dream:

First, they must eliminate the leadership of the Islamic Movement. Secondly, the ideology of the Movement, Islam, should be tarnished and be associated with terrorism. Thirdly, the Muslims should be isolated so that they do not influence other people. So they plan to balkanize Nigeria along religious divides, “Muslims in the North, Christians in the South”. In any way this is a fallacy because it is almost impossible to divide Nigeria along religious lines, as they assume.

Militarized forces (JTF or is it IDF?) are stationed all over Northern Nigeria. Look at how a supposed democratic Governor enforces an illegal curfew at will. The intent is to instill fear in the people by placing unnecessary check points, humiliate and kill people at will and in the process, actualize the selfish end of descending on Muslims and Islam.No wonder, Maiduguri, the citadel of Qur’anic knowledge per excellence is gradually ravaged and Kano, the commercial nerve centre paralyzed.

Apart from activities linked directly to Boko Haram, there are some gross atrocities being perpetrated under some pretexts. Good example is the frequently used “gunmen”. Who are these super human gunmen to always walk away freely, while the government boasts of improved security and spending huge amount of money on it? Brother Muhammad Ali, a dedicated member of the Islamic Movement was ruthlessly killed in his Kano residence by ‘unknown gunmen’. Later it was discovered that he sacrificed his life as a martyr to avert a planned Shia- Sunnah sectarian carnage in Kano. Who planned it? Go to Tel Aviv via Aso rock- you will get the answer.

 In Potiskum, hundreds of people and cattle were killed on a market day and the whole place set ablaze by presumed “robbers”. Again “unknown gunmen” went and martyred three members of the Islamic Movement after Maghrib prayers at the Markaz, Potiskum. Stark evidences revealed identity card, gun magazine and bullets of the Nigerian Police Force with the culprits. One of the attackers was heard saying through phone ‘we have killed the Shia leader, his followers and all his family members’.  With these and other developments, the real targets of the whole simulated insecurity situation in Nigeria become crystal clear. Those at the helms of affairs feel no concern because they have access to elephant security budgets.

Attempts to Kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)

Right from his student days at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in the late 70’s, revered Sheikh Ibraheem Ya’qoub Al Zakzaky (H) has faced unjustified political arrests, threats and attempts of assassination. He had to suffer and still suffers from all these in an effort to fulfill his mission and obligation as a servant of Allah on the Earth. God ordained that he leads the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. In fact the revered Sheikh never thought of ‘leading’ any group of people.


Prophets and Messengers were appointed by Allah (T). God knows all things. HE makes the best of selections. After the seal of the Prophets, there was none and there will never be another Prophet. However, there are mujaddeeds who lead revolutionary movements. This category is also appointed by Allah (T). It is not a matter of election, nomination or consultation. Many people find it difficult to understand this rather simple concept.

So followership of the mujaddeed implies due recognition of the Divine appointment. The Prophets exhibit high sense of responsibility, humility and all what it takes to be a perfect model. The mujaddeeds also excel in virtues in their times. They follow the footsteps of the prophets. They experience similar ordeals. They were blessed with unparalleled qualities of leadership. In this country, we had mujaddeed Shehu Usman Danfodio (may his blessed soul rest in perfect peace) who insisted “Babu Sarki sai Allah” (No King except God). In those days the authority lied with the Sarki (king).  The Islamic State was successively established.

Similarly, Sheikh Al Zakzaky (H) boldly proclaimed that ”Babu hukuma sai ta Allah” (there is no authority except that of Allah). No doubt, this method is congruent with that of the Shehu. It is identical to that of Imam Khumaini (QS) which succeeded in Iran. All tally with the Sunnah of the Prophet . Malam (H) is bestowed with knowledge and hikmah (wisdom); taqwa (humility; being conscious of Allah’s presence and fearing Him at all times) and courage; ‘Adl (justice) and Rahmah (compassion); decisiveness and resoluteness; eloquence and articulation; sabr (patience) and self-sacrifice.

As earlier pointed, the agents of deceit and destruction perceive the killing of Zakzaky as part of the measure to sustain their unhindered control of our resources. Thus they always plot evil ways but to no avail. It may be useful, at this juncture to examine some of the recent futile attempts to kill Malam. In 2009, the ‘Yar’adua administration ordered that Gyallesu, where the residence of the Sheikh is, to be bombed, not minding any consequence. Allah, the Mighty, protected Malam (H). After that “Yar’adua ‘ya murmure’ (has gone forever).


Close to this development was another attempt where the Zionist bully boy at the helms of the Kaduna police command then, Tambari Yabo, was contracted to kill Zakzaky (H). He initiated the move by sending not only an unintelligent but foolish report to the IG thus: “Government should take drastic action with a view to dislodging his (Zakzaky) training centre at Dambo and Fadiyya Islamic Centre, in Zaria-city, please”. Note how he messed up spellings! Even a primary pupil knows how to write Fudiyya correctly.

Again, amidst the Boko Haram Drama, a company that specializes in killing people worldwide was contracted to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky (H). Patrick Williams, a Briton who resides in the United States manages the killer squad Company. Sheikh Zakzaky, commenting on this attempt, pointed out that, he has never imagined himself as leader of a group, but as servant of Allah. He further elaborated:  “Killing me is not killing Islam, and will never stop it from flourishing. Even if you kill me, Allah, Who created me, will raise someone like me. You cannot kill me until my time has come as decreed by Allah. He quoted Quran, 3.145: ”And a soul will not die but with the permission of Allah the term is fixed; and whoever desires the reward of this world, I shall give him of it, and whoever desires the reward of the hereafter I shall give him of it, and I will reward the grateful.”


 “When you killed Imam Musa Sadr in Lebanon, Allah raised Sayyed Abbas Musawi. When you killed Sayyed Abbas Musawi, Allah raised Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, who was hitherto unknown. Killing a leader is not killing ideology”. The Nigerian armed Forces stationed a special military squad on stand-by inside the Federal College of Education, Gyallesu Zaria, since after the post election violence. It was reported they attempted surveillance visit to Gyallesu Quarters in the middle of the night. Similarly, a military helicopter was visibly seen hovering over Malam’s residence at close range, taking pictures.


Recently, in October, this year (2012), there is a deliberate ‘attack’ on Zaria by the Nigerian security on orders from their overlords ‘above’ through what they deceitfully refer to as ‘exchange of gun fire’. Bomb blasts were reported in some quarters including the most peaceful Kwarbai quarters in the old city. There were huge reinforcements of armed personnel to Zaria. Later they started a humiliating incursion in the name of house to house search. This is unconstitutional even in militarized Nigerian democracy. Complaints were raised from different sectors of Zaria community which led to their apparent withdrawal. However, the suspended so called search of arms was resumed immediately at some residences of the ancient peaceful city and its environs.


Where is all the intelligence by the SSS? Again the role of Mai Unguwa and Hakimai (people with traditional role of overseeing the activities of their society) has been and is still relevant in our societies. They keep a testimony even if informal of all residents of their domains, so if there is any new comer of suspicious character, they can easily help trace him out. The security can exploit this avenue if they don’t have any sinister intent. So what is the need for molesting innocent citizens in the name of ‘search for arms’? From all these events we can state without mincing of words that their ultimate goal is to reach Gyallesu where Sheikh Zakzaky resides. We believe their target and mission have not changed.

It is high time the Nigerian security re-evaluate their perception of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria generally, and the personality of Sheikh Zakzaky in particular. They should also seriously weigh the likely repercussions of their faulty and hasty decisions to please their masters. The use of force and coercion has no place in scholarly battle. If they insist on the use of might through their outdated arsenals of destruction, let them know that Allah is the All Mighty. HE is watching and ever capable.

Prospects of a full blown Islamic Revolution

One doesn’t need to consult a sociology Professor to assert that Nigeria is rife for a revolution. There is unprecedented and widespread corruption, induced poverty, high and unacceptable unemployment rate, injustice and gross mis-governance. The list is in exhaustive. A revolution is inevitable. But what type? We assert Islamic because there is no formidable outfit either in form of a political party armed struggle or organized opposition in Nigeria. So there is no parallel to the Islamic Movement. The hegemonic powers and indeed any rational being can clearly see in black and white the high prospects of an Islamic revolution.


These powers try to seize any opportunity to hijack current revolutions. Some times they initiate an arms insurgency to hijack yearnings of the masses. This they did in Libya and trying hard to do in Syria, God forbid. In other places like Bahrain, they aid to suppress genuine people’s yearning. Yet in others like Egypt they ensured that it was a mere change of political figure heads. Despite the fact that Egypt has succeeded in ousting their age old stooge, which is a good development, they will have to go back for another revolution to phase out the system. Surprisingly, other uprisings are yearning for Western stereotype democracy. All lack two principal things for a hijack-free full blown revolution: Muttaqi leadership with unflinching loyalty as enshrined in Khumaini’s Wilayatul Faqih and a concrete ideology instead of an ambiguous and confusing ‘democracy’.


 Here in Nigeria we are very lucky. Allah (SWT) in HIS infinite mercy has bestowed upon us the two essentials. That is why the United States and Nigerian governments are disturbed and envious of the growing influence and respect Sheikh Zakzaky is commanding, not only among the Muslims but even in the non-Muslims’ circle. The recent peaceful protests held against the blasphemous US made anti-Islam film across the country and some other African countries at the instance of his call, are clear evidence of their present action. His is a vibrant Islamic Movement with its roots fully entrenched in the minds of all conscious Muslims, drawing from the fountain of belief and faith. So, no force can crush it. All indices on the ground, therefore, assert the inevitability of the occurrence of an Iran – type Islamic revolution in Nigeria.


Nigeria is blessed with vast resources which are being unjustifiably exploited by United States of America, Western Europe and their local commission agents referred to as leaders. They fear that this trend will be halted by a vibrant and highly prospective Islamic Movement under the charismatic muttaqiy leadership of his eminence Sayyid Zakzaky (H).They hatch evil plans to scare away people from the popular Movement and finally balkanize the country so as to sustain their hegemony. Their continued attempt to kill this leader would not always be in vain but it serves as a catalyst towards the inevitable occurrence of a hijack resistant, Iran type Islamic revolution. "How oft by Allah’s will hath a small force vanquished a big one? Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere. Our Lord! pour out constancy on us and make our steps firm; help us against those that reject faith."