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Attack on Trekkers to Ashura Majalis, Brothers urged to be more vigilant

Nasir Isa Ali and Ibrahim Usman
Following threats of attack in some states on Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who trek to Muharram mourning sessions, Brothers are charged to be vigilant and more security conscious.

In Gumel, Jigawa State some hooligans attacked mourners on their way back home from Ashura majlis with dangerous weapons but were repelled.

Commenting on the incident, Ameer of Kano Shaikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi said, the hooligans who acted in the Yazidian style laid ambush on the mourners armed with dangerous weapons, stockpiled in a mosque.

He said, the Brothers in a Husaini courage and sacrifice stood firm and dispersed the hooligans, who took to their heels.

Shaikh Turi pointed out that, the call of YA HUSAIN! YA MAHDI! sent fear in the hearts of the Yazidian hooligans, dropped their weapons and retreated.

He therefore called on Brothers and Sisters of the Islamic Movement to always remember the ever-presence of Yazidian forces in all ages.

If left unchallenged, he added, their will do exactly what Yazidu and his evil forces did to the family of the Holy Prophet, the Husainis in Karbala.

He charged the Brothers to ensure self-protection against the plots of the evil forces on their way to and from Ashura majalis.

“But they can never extinguish this light of guidance of the Ahlul Bayt taught us by Allama Sayyid Zakzaky. It is too late, all their plots all behind schedule”, said Shaikh Turi.

Similarly in Kaduna, mourners returning home from Ashura majlis were attacked at Unguwar Mu’azu, where some Yazidian hooligans threw stones on the trekkers. The attack was quickly repelled by Brothers.

The might be connected to the recent call by a Chief Imam of a mosque in Kaduna Bye-pass who issued a Fatwa legalizing the shedding of blood of the Shia.

Reacting to the incident, Ameer of Kaduna Shaikh Muhammad Mukhtar Sahabi said, it was the duty of those in charge of security to ensure full protection of the trekkers to and from the Ashura majalis.

While calling for proper conduct and coordination of contingents from every locations, he warned that “We will not be sitting ducks while hooligans attack and kill us at will. If they are followers of Yazid, we are followers of Husain. And the Husainis triumph in all ages throughout history.”

He challenged those issuing dangerous Fatwas on Shia: “Rather than embarking on a dangerous trend that will engulf you, present to the public authentic and rational views in Islamic books why Shi’ism should not be practiced and why its adherents must be killed. As we mourn and cry for the killing of Husain, you should also gather and rejoice for the killing of Husain.”

Shaikh Mukhtar Sahabi who read out authentic Sunni sources on the lofty status of Imam Husain (as) and the soiled descent of Yazid and Banu Umayyah, called on the gullible public used by evil elements to seek knowledge and use their God-given intellect before adhering to any Fatwa.