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At Maulud Nabiy in Bauchi, Christians call for closer ties with Muslims to fight injustice in Nigeria/Pictures

By Khalid Idris Doya
At the birthday of the Holy Prophet (Maulud Nabiy) in Doya area, Bauchi, Christians who attended the celebration, having heard the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad, called for cooperation with Muslims to fight injustice and divisive tendencies among followers of religions.

Organized by the Bauchi zone of the Islamic Movement led by His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the event was well attended with Christians of different denominations.

Receiving a gift of portrait of Jesus Christ and that of the Virgin Mary from the Ameer of Bauchi, Pastor Ibrahim Ila expressed happiness for inviting them to the Maulud ceremony and called for a special forum where current issues affecting Muslims and Christians would be discussed and solutions addressed.

He said, the Christians have greatly benefitted from the event, as they have heard the good conduct of the Prophet of Islam and his true teachings, contrary to what is propagated with insidious intent.

Pastor Ila also said, by attending the event they have heard and appreciated explanation of the true reality of what is happening in Nigeria, saying both Muslims and Christians in Nigeria being discriminated against, deceived and exploited for a selfish interest.

Other Christians who also spoke at the occasion called for Muslims and Christians to close rank to fight a common cause and avoid divisive tendencies.

They also demanded that a special forum be provided where they will call all Christians under their denomination to listen to the real message of Islam, saying that will facilitate unity.

Earlier, the Ameer of Bauchi Sheikh Ahmad Yusuf Yashi gave history of the Holy Prophet, especially his struggle against injustice and corrupt leaders.

He also enumerated the trials and tribulations faced by the Holy Prophet in cause of truth and justice, saying that is a pre-requisite to success.

At the end of the occasion, those who attended were given variety of fruits for Fadak, the Orchard of daughter of the Holy Prohet, as a blessing to take home.