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Assassination plots against the life of Sheikh Zakzaky exposed

It has become clear that, despite previous failed assassination plots against the life of Sheikh Zakzaky by the Nigerian Government,  a fresh move is underway by the present administration.

The leader of the Islamic in Nigeria sheikh Zakzaky exposed this plot after the weekly Tafsir on Wednesday at Husainiyyah Baqiiyatullah Zaria. He explained that though the previous government could not achieve its devilish agenda, the present Government is planning to execute it.

He added that after the last Tafsir session, there were assassins placed in strategic locations along the way back to his residence  for ambush, but were not lucky.

It could be recalled that series of plots to silence the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the previous administrations were either failed or exposed, the recent one was the plan to use hired thugs to attack the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky  and also to attack him along his way to Husainyyah Baqiyatullah. Moreover, gun men were also used to invade the area; in all the cases the plan failed.