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Assassination attempt on Shaikh Zakzaky: Shaikh Turi sends message from Karbala

By Ibrahim Usman
In reaction to the recent desperate plot by the out-going government under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to assassinate Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, a disciple of the Leader who is currently in Karbala, Iraq, Muhammad Mahmud Turi, calls for strategic security protection. 

 While calling for intensive prayers as the greatest weapon, he also advised Brothers and Sisters to be extra-vigilant and offer tactical reinforcement on Shaikh Zakzkay’s convoy, as the case may be.

He suggested mass attendance and presence of Brothers and Sisters from Gyellesu to Hussainiyyah whenever Shaikh Zakzaky was to go there during this critical period, as mark of show of strength, allegiance and protection strategies.

Every community of Brothers and Sisters close to Zaria, he added, should as an obligation make their presence during the period. “While preparing for the journey, have it in your mind that you may not necessarily come back alive, that you will sacrifice your life to protect Malam. That is very important”, he added.
sheikh turi in karbala

According to him, Brothers and Sisters should see it as a matter of religious obligation to offer unreserved allegiance and protection of the revered Leader, adding that, “We should be grateful to Allah for having in our midst Shaikh Zakzaky, a leader that other parts of the world crave for”.

Shaikh Turi, he was in Karbala for an international conference on Imam Hussain with 45 countries in attendance, but people from other parts of the world kept asking them of Shaikh Zakzaky, which he said signified their love for this great world Leader of our time. “For this reason, the world look on us for the full protection of Shaikh Zakzaky as our leader, and their leader also”.

He commended efforts of Brothers and Sisters on the security system put in place, and prayed Allah to grant them perseverance and spirit of sacrifice.

He assured that, just as enemy plots during the time of Shaikh bin Fodiye and Imam Khomeini were not successful, the evil plots against Shaikh Zakzakay will also fail woefully.



sheikh turi in karbala sheikh turi in karbala