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Ashura Procession in Kano Extends the Message of Imam Husain(AS)

In solidarity with Muslims worldwide in general and those in Nigeria in particular, members of the Islamic Movement in Kano and environs,

came out en mass and marched through the major streets in the metropolitan. They set out, under the leadership of Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi, early morning Tuesday 11th Muharram 1433 H/6th December, 2011, from the Waje Mosque, Fagge. The procession went through the renowned Kofar Wambai to the ancient Kurmi Market that was known for its pivotal role in the Trans- Sahara trade across Africa. It passed through ‘yan mota. It may be recalled that it was at this junction that the police attacked brothers and sisters during the Quds day procession in 2001.


The march went further through the populous Jakara junction and proceeded through Makwarari. It was terminated at the Central Mosque, Emir’s palace. Members conducted a very heart provoking tamsiliyya (Drama) which depicted the Ashura atrocity committed against the Family of Muhammad (SAWA).
Malam Muhammad Turi made the closing speech. He observed that the like of the sacrifice of Husain is badly needed now in the Muslim Ummah.

Matyrdom, he noted, is the peak of success and reward in the hereafter. Martyrs are alive as clearly indicated in the holy Qur’an. In this tragedy of Karbala, Malam Turi said that people were divided into two distinct groups: Those who sacrificed for the cause of Allah (T) and those who kill innocent believers unjustifiably. In other words it was Husain versus Yazeed. Malam Turi then declared in categorical terms that we are with Husain. No doubt, the antagonists were wrong.

A big lesson to learn in this episode, noted Malam Turi, is that Imam Husain has taught us NOT to fold our arms and keep quite amidst tyranny and injustice. In our pathetic Nigerian situation, the Europeans have bequeathed to us an oppressive system. So we have an obligation to emulate the teachings of the Imam – to rise up against the unjust legacy. Again, Malam Turi pointed to the adage ‘everyday is Ashura and every place is Karbala’ to establish the fact that we, in Nigeria, are really in Karbala. Since every Karbala has its Husain, certainly in Nigeria we have his Eminence, Sayyid Zakzaky (H) as our Husain.

 Sayyid (H), a true member of the progeny of Husain (AS) has been persistent and consistent in the call towards establishment of the authority based on injunctions from Allah (SWT). Malam Turi appreciated the efforts of brothers and sisters in making the Ashura mourning assemblies a success. He however encouraged them not to relent on efforts so far. He further encouraged the display of flags during processions. He hoped that each individual would come along with his flag during the coming Maulud celebrations. The Ashura gatherings in Kano would continue up to the coming Saturday, December10th. He encouraged brothers and sisters to march in groups according to their units/ zones to the khatama (closing) on Saturday.

In conclusion, Malam Turi re-iterated the fact that this Movement led by his Eminence, Sayyid Zakzak(H) is the only way out. So we should renew our commitment to answer the revolutionary call of Imam Husain by proclaiming ‘Labbaika ya Husain’! We shall never surrender. We say NO to humiliation by chanting ‘haihata minnaz zilla’! He recited the Ziyara and people dispersed to their various destinations.

Dauda  Nalado reports