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Ashura mourning is a religious obligation- Sheikh Zakzaky / pics

Sheikh ZakzakyBy Ibrahim Usman
His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky says, Ashura mourning and remembrance, which included the majalis (mourning sessions), gathering and Araba’een symbolic trek are all religious obligations prescribed the the Ahlul Bayt (the Infallibles), and therefore called for proper planning.

He made the statement at a one-day seminar organized by the central committee on Ashura and Arba’een symbolic trek held at the Hussainiyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria on Saturday (20/9/2014). The seminar was in preparation for this year’s commemoration of Ashura and Arba’een trek.
Sheikh Zakzaky said, commemoration of Ashura, which included the mourning sessions and Arba’een symbolic trek should be observed and seen as a religious duty, in which beyond the tears lies significant message and lesson.
Expounding further on the religious justification of Ashura commemoration, the Leader further quoted traditions which say: “Tears for Hussein (AS) can subdue heat of the hell fire”, “dust from Arba’een trek never comes into contact with hell fire”. He further quoted another Hadith by the Ahlul Bayt which says, “Allah bless he who revives our remembrance”.
Sheikh Zakzaky also said, narratives of Ashura tragedy in a gathering and the Arba’een trek revives spirit of the brutality, ever fresh in the heart of a listener and instills love and discipline as exemplified by the Ahlul Bayt. “This is necessary as there was a move to wipe out Ashura remembrance by the enemies in the past. However, Allah wills that it remains ever fresh in the hearts of men over time”.
He added that, the enemies now and then, had realized the dangers of Ashura remembrance, hence the constant plot to attack and suppress it but without success.
Sheikh Zakzaky said, as a result of the Ashura remembrance here in Nigeria there as an ever-influx of people into the fold, and therefore called for proper planning to curtail the new comers to conform to instituted discipline that drives the Movement. “It is a great wonder how within a short time people have come to embrace this call. We are also surprised at the rapid response and acceptance, just as people from other parts of the world are expressing amazement. All we can say is that, this is from Allah”.
He pointed out that, the Movement is known for discipline and good conduct in organizing mass event, but however said more effort should be made to contain emerging issues. “We are known for high discipline and exemplary conduct. We are not a crowd. We have a work plan, purpose and mission. We are not driven by emotion, but by leadership and sincerity of purpose. This is a good testimony on the Movement”.
He however said, there was need to put in more effort with the unprecedented influx of people into the Movement as a result of awareness. “Our control of mass gatherings was not a one-day affair, but an accumulated of years of moral discipline and experience. I know that control of new comers ca be very difficult,  in any case there is need to extend such discipline to the new comers in Majalis and other special sessions so that we operate on the same level”.
To further achieve the intended purpose, the Leader called for division of labour in order to avoid overlapping of duties, as well of provision of working tools.
Stressing on the importance on internal and external security, Sheikh Zakzaky said the enemies may want to disrupt the gatherings as they tried but failed in the past. He explained that some people were sent for training in Saudi Arabia last year on how to detonate bombs during the Arba’een symbolic, but the plan was exposed and the operation eventually failed. “Had they tried it, we would have exposed the full detail of the plan and the names and identity of those who went for the training”, he added.
He pointed out that, with what happened on Quds day in Zaria, Nigerians have realized those killing them in the name of Boko Haram. “On broad daylight we saw the real Boko Haram in their full gear; their commanders were exposed. They were exposed, therefore it was no more ‘unknown gunmen’ or faceless Boko Haram. Now we know the real Boko Haram and their international conspirators, U.S and Israel. With this exposition, if any of our member is found dead, we know who killed him”.
Sheikh Zakzaky challenged the killers: “Let them boldly come out with full authority and say they did it. They are always looking for excuses to justify their act of savagery, this is an act of cowardice. Let them be courageous enough to openly claim responsibility, or claim that it was an order from their masters, U.S. and Israel. Or let their commander come out and claim that he did. Your atrocity on us can never be hidden anymore; we will unmask you on every move you made against us. To be frank, all that they done to us is debt that must be paid, no matter the length of time. The massacre of Ashura that happened in the past, an agony which we now remember and revive, was also a debt that would be paid. Similarly, what they have done to us is a debt that will surely be paid, a score that must be settled. The payment is very costly, and the day of payment will surely come. It will be paid here in this world and in the hereafter. This is for sure; but the time is yet to come. From an objective analysis of this movement, it is evidently clear that this ever-flowing and ever-increasing mass movement of people is uncrushable. You can only attempt what you think you can do and incur a debt that must be paid as at when due”.
Sheikh Zakzaky concluded by calling on the organizers of the events to intensify effort towards success, not minding external criticism, but that room should not be made for external criticism. “Everything should be given proper planning, there should be a work plan that should be strictly adhered to. Imam Ali (AS) has stressed the importance of proper planning in everything in life”.
The seminar continued with remarks by Malam Muhammad Mahmoud Turi who re-echoed the speech of Sheikh Zakzaky on the significance an virtues of reviving the spirit of Ashura in line with the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt.
He cited traditions from Imam Sadiq (AS) which say, “We (Ahlul Bayt) are all Arks of Salvation, but the Ark of Husin (AS) is the fastest”, “We (Ahlul Bayt) are all Gates of Salvation, but the Gate of Imam Husein (AS) is the widest”.
He therefore called on the organizers to intensify effort towards actualizing a successful Ashura remembrance events in order to reap greater reward. “Issues relating to Imam Husein (AS) must be taken seriously”, he urged.
Sheikh Turi advised the central committee to ensure proper guidance and leadership and support in all events relating to Ashura remembrance. He also advised on the following:
         Effective media coverage
         Document of events
         Tabligh etiquette
         Youths involvement
         Safety measures
         De-centralization of the seminar to local levels.
in his comment, Chairman of the Commitee Mallam Abdhuhamid Bello said the seminar was organised to correct past mistakes and to introduce new iniatives for success. He added that  particpants should also organise similar seminars in their respective localities.
Committees on media, health (ISMA), security, etc. presented their reports, as a communique is being awaited.
In attendance were Malam Yakubu Yahaya Katsaina, Dr. Abdullahi Dnaladi and representatives from all zones.
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