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Ashura Mourning Gathering in Kano.

ASHURA MAJALIS STARTS IN KANO .Members of the Islamic movement in Kano have joined other Muslims worldwide in organizing Ashura mourning assemblies effective from Sunday 2nd Muharram 1433AH (27/11/2011).

These assemblies usually extend to the 10th of Muharram, but will extend to 12 assembly sittings this year.


Sheikh Muhammad M Turi was the quest speaker in the opening session and his remarks Sheikh Turi traced the hijrah of the Prophet. He observed that the hijrah to Madina was unique in the sense that the Prophet (SAWA) didn’t reach Madina as a refugee, but was received as a leader both spiritual and political.


Before then, Shaikh Turi has mentioned the peak of sacrifice by Imam Aliy (AS) who remained on the bed of Rasool (SAWA). Again, the scholar mentioned the brevity of Imam Ali (AS) who publicly announced his intention of following the Prophet (SAWA) to Madina along with other family members.

Sheikh Turi noted the extent of brotherhood and fraternity exhibited by Ansar to the migrant Muhajirun. They were so magnanimous to the extent that they relinquish their loved properties to them. So both parties were praiseworthy; Muhajirun sacrificed and migrated, Ansar warmly received them. The Quran praises these qualities.

Sheikh Turi again noted that the event of the massacre of Imam Hussain (AS) at Karbala in 61AH overshadowed many historic events in Islamic history. He went further to justify the conduct of these type of mourning assemblies. He quoted authentic ahadith for e.g. the hadith of Anas in “Usdul Gaba” who narrated that the Prophet (SAWA) informed that his son (Hussain) would be killed. He ordered whoever was present should help the Imam.

In continuation of his remarks, Sheikh Turi pointed to the gross misunderstandings and distortions on Ashura episode. He emphasized that all these were unfounded. What is established is that the Prophet (SAWA) has mourned the massacre of Imam Hussain (AS) before the occurrence and clearly showed that the perpetrators were on the wrong side. They were the transgressors; hence it was the Prophet (SAWA) himself who started mourning assemblies 50 years before the event. Thus mourning assemblies emulate the Prophetic sunnah.


Dauda Nalado and Muhammad Isa report.