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Ashura Ideology Explained by Sayyid Zakzaky

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky spoke extensively on the event of Ashura during the closing of the ashura 1433 mourning which took place on Saturday

the 28th of Muharram 1433 (24/12/11) at Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah.


Speaking on Imamate after the holy Prophet (SAWA), Sayyid Zakzaky expressed that the hadeeth about 12 Imams is reported by not only Shia but by Sunni too. However, the Sunni differ on their names and identification.

The Leader further expressed that there is misconception among many Muslims with regard to Leadership. Manyopined that anyone having Power and Leadership is the Leader who deserved to be followed. In this view, Umayyads were considered as leaders of Muslims. Whereas, occupying positions among Muslims does not make one a true leader, as there were Prophets, who are anointed by Allah, but did not occupy power neither did they have a government.

So, the event of Karbala exposed who are the true leaders. It shows that Imam Husain (AS) is the true Leader; the true khalifah of the Prophet(SAWA), though he did not have a government neither did he occupy position of power. The question which is ought to be asked is ‘who is the true leader’?       A King or one with true Religion but without having a government.  Had it been Imam Husain (AS) submitted to Yazid(LA) the true Islam would have become extinct.

The Position of Ahlulbayt(AS)is clear- they are , without any doubt, the best of creatures. So, Imam Husain(AS)’s sacrifice for Islam, being among the best,  left no room for anyone, no matter how knowledgeable he is, to  think that his life is so precious that he cannot sacrifice it for Islam. The fruit of Imam’s sacrifice is seen yearly as Islam is reviving with Ashura commemoration.

Ashura commemoration posts dangers to enemies. Hundreds years ago, people were prevented from paying homage to the holy shrine of Imam Husain(AS) by killings; when it was clear that killings could not serve they changed to amputation of  limbs. This, however, did not  stop shia from visiting Imam.

In this part of the world, the matter of Ashura is just coming up  few years ago. This is a sign of re-emergence of Qa’im(AJ).All  Praise be to Allah, through gatherings of Ashura and other majalis, the issue of Ahlul Bayt is growing. Imam Sadiq(AS)  said ‘May Allah have on mercy on he who revives our matter’.  Reviving matters of Ahlulbayt (AS) can be in many ways- they include holding gatherings; through poetry, lectures, drama  and films,  drawings etc. In fact, anything which revives their path is recommended; many people were elevated to high status for reviving the matter of Ahlulbayt (AS). Among them were poets and some of them acted in drama.

However, the enemies are always disturbed with Ashura. Why are they disturbed?  Because they know that it has meaning. Ashura is an ideology which was covered. Its commemoration makes it revealed.  It exposed criminals and those who are cheated.

It also reveals the total wrongness of following a misguided leader who occupied position. More so, wealth and position is not a sign of God’s love to a person. The love of God is rather achieved through faith and good works.   It is reported that Allah (sw) gives religious commitment to only those whom He loves, and gives worldly things to both whom He loves and whom He does not love. This leaves no room for argument to anyone.

Ashura commemoration is way of achieving felicity and everlasting peace and happiness. Imam Ridha(AS) once said to Sheba “ if you want to occupy best abode in paradise with Ahlulbayt(AS), then invoke curse on the killers of Imam Husain(AS)” . Likewise if one sees wine and backgammon being played then he should invoke curse of Allah on Yazid(LA). As when the Head of Imam Husain (AS) was taken to Yazid in Damascus he was drinking wine and playing backgammon.

It is reported that there is a place in the Hell which can only be occupied by the Killers of Imam Husain(AS) and Yahya Bn Zakariyya(AS). The people of Fire are affected with different kind of torment whenever the place is opened.

In the present time, Ashura event also shows who will be with Prophet (AS), Ali (AS)or Husain(AS) had one got the opportunity  to live during their era.

Imam Husain killing is a source of sorrow to those who have faith. The Prophet said about Imam Husain(AS) ( You are a source of sorrow to all believers).


The programme came to an end.  Matam was performed followed by closing prayers.