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Ashura Day: A Reflection of Time

In the name of God, All Praises to God…. Death is written on the children of Adam as a necklace designed for the neck. I see myself to be torn by beasts between Karbala and Nawains. Whatever God likes, we will do, and we are patient with his test. We are not going to deviate from the teaching of the message of God. Whoever wishes to come with us he may? I am going to leave tomorrow.” – IMAM HUSSEIN (as)
It is yet another year, month and day, to remember the greatest genocide and humiliation suffered by no other family than the family of the noble and seal of all prophets (saw), on this day of Ashura.  Ashura day will continue to be fresh in our mind as long as we live; because it is a day that gives us our dignity and purifies our religious from the hands of ruffians, drunkards, and morally bankrupt leadership regime of the Bani Ummayyad under the leadership of Yazid ibn Mu’awuyya. There is no doubt, Ashura day will be a sad day for all the Muslim community especially the followers of the households of the noble prophet (saw); a sad day and black day indeed when the souls of the purified households of the prophet under the leadership of Imam Hussein Ibn Ali Ibn Abu Talib, were massacre and humiliated by the worst of creatures.
10th of Muharram will ever remain fresh in our minds; as the agents of darkness, cowardice and intolerance, wanted to put the flame of Islam as thought and practice by the seal and noble Prophet of Allah (saw) from shining to the next zenith. There is no doubt, the decision and courage of Imam Hussein to rise against the degradation and humiliation of the religion of Islam, gave most of us today, the greatest opportunity, to enjoy the beauty and spirituality of the religion of Islam. The uprising by Imam Hussein (as) shown the strengthen of convictions, courage and determination of a Man of destiny to challenge historical injustice and destruction of the Islamic creeds and tradition of the Holy Prophet (saw) by the despotic, tyrannical, and morally bankrupt leadership of Yazid Ibn Mu’awiyyah; amidst social and political betrayal and cowardice from the Muslim community. These convictions, courage, determinations, and sacrifice hoping on Allah’s felicity and mercy; led Imam Hussein (as) into sacrificing his life to redeem the religion of Allah as practice and thought by his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (saw); even when he knew the people of Kufa will betray him.
It is interesting to argued that, Ashura day, is significant to the survival of Islamic religion; this is because, the decision of Imam Hussein (as) to rise against the tyrannical and morally bankrupt leadership style of Yazid, shows the courage and convictions of a man who will not sit and watch the destruction of the religion of Allah as thought and practice by his grandfather (saw) amidst societal silence and peoples’ cowardice. There is no doubt, Imam Hussein’s rebellion against injustice, inequality, immorality and the destruction of Islamic creed, represented spiritual perfection of a man (as) with the manifest destiny to guide the Muslim Ummah from impeding collapsed 60 years after the Hijra of the Holy Prophet (as).
The societal silence and fear of voicing out opinion against the misrepresentation and unsuitability of the leadership of Yazid, was the greatest misdemeanors on the part of the Ummah at that period. There is no doubt; everyone knew that, the fragile Islamic state had fallen into the hands of the wrong person. But, yet, the community remained aloof without any voice opposing this humiliation of the purest religion of Islam. The Muslim community were just too comfortable, with what they see around them; where the spirit of  brotherhood, love and purity of Islam was replaced with tyranny, injustice, immorality, brutality, killing  Amidst this hopelessness, fear, cowardice, betrayal and confusion, Imam Hussein rise up and sacrifice his life and that of the Prophet Households, against the agents of darkness, immorality and social mischief makers; in order to purified the Religion of Islam and eradicate tyranny and immorality in the land.
Therefore, Ashura remain a day of mourning definitely, not celebration to all Muslims, because it significance the day when the grandson and the leader of the youth in Paradise and Households of the Holy Prophet (saw), was/were murder and mutilated by social forces that represent darkness, wickedness, and unbelievers in the truth teaching of Islam. We may decide to dawn play this important; but, yet greatest tragedy in the life of Islam and the world; but, it is significant in reforming our religion, therefore given us dignity, courage, vigor, determination and spiritual perfection towards Allah (SWT). The sacrifice of Imam Hussein (as) on Ashura Day, finally dam fled the minds and souls of tyranny, injustice and fear in the heart of the enemy. No matter what people will do to down play this genocide of the century; it is remarkable to say, if not for anything, the grandson and households of the Holy Prophet (saw) were killed and mutilated, that shouldn’t give us the sense and duty to cry and mourn; if truly we love the Holy Prophet (saw), as we often portrait in our outward appearance.
As we cry and call on all Allah to draw his curse on all those that participated in this killing and genocide of the century, perpetuated against the purest and spiritually sound Households of the Holy Prophet (saw); there is need to reflect over our present realities in our country and the world at large. The situation we find ourselves as Muslims and followers of Households of the Prophet (saw) call for sober reflection on our place in the historical development of our great religion. Islam is facing the greatest challenges akin to what was attainable during the time of Yazid. Islam is in need of help from its adherence. What a shame that, today, Muslims and Islam is not forces to recoil with? The blood of Muslim is no longer sacred and the population of the Muslims in the world is no longer a force that could be propelled to change the various injustice and confusion melt out to the Muslims communities in Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Nigeria etc. The Muslim nations are the easiest target of global unclog amidst abundant mineral resources.
Allah in his infinite Mercy Has blessed the Muslim world with abundant mineral resources; but, yet these resources are of no use to the Muslims as per given then the power and force to control their destiny and advance their religion to it logical conclusion. There is no doubt, Islam is a complete religion; having all the solution to human problems; but, what a shame, what Muslims countries have become today?
Interestingly, our present realities reminisce the Yazid era. We are living in the Yazid era, where all forces are head bent on disallowing the Muslims Ummah to practice their religion as revealed and practiced by the Holy Prophet (saw) and expounded by the Holy Imams (as). So, therefore, we are in the Yazid era, therefore, we need the bravery, sacrifice, determination and the shining example of Imam Hussein to navigate ourselves out of this centrifugal crises and confusion the Muslims have found themselves today. The greatest enemies of the Muslims are the Muslims themselves. Divisive tactics, intolerance and disunity remain the major obstacles to a united front by the Muslims against the enemy of the pure religion of Islam; thereby giving the enemy the tools to enslave us forever.
Let, us meditate and reflect over the important and lessons of the sacrifice and courage of Imam Hussein (as) to rise against tyranny, injustice and immorality to protect and safeguard the true religion of Allah as practice and thought by the Holy Prophet (saw).  Ashura Day is a day for sober reflection and stocktaking on all of us; to reflect on our contributions in the reinvention and assisting the religion of Islam in actions and words; just as Imam Hussein and his followers did during the time of tyranny, injustice, despairs and intimidation during the last epoch.
Let see the challenges, lessons, sacrifices, courage and determination of Imam Hussein (as) as a shining examples to us and challenge the situation we found ourselves in this country Nigeria today. In our place of work, in our business transactions and our worldly dealings let imbibe the culture of truths, justice and confront tyranny and injustice in all ramification. With unity, fear and hope on Allah, commitment and courage, we can overcome our greatest fear and build a vibrate actions plan/coalition to change our situation for better. We have to be discipline and remove unnecessary fear about this sinful and unworthy world we are head bent to accumulates her treasures and comfort. There is no comfort as long as we continue to tolerate the pseudo confusion and the various disciples of Yazids of our time in various structures of government, traditional institutions/rulers, religion leaders, politicians and the masses among us.
The lessons of Ashura are bounds, for us all to see and implement; if we truly belief in the real essence of the day. Asking Allah for punishment on all those that participated in the gruesome murdered of Imam Hussein (as) and the  household of the Holy Prophet (saw) will not be enough except we allow and imbibe the really sacrifice amidst despairs, hopelessness, intimidation, harassment, thirsty, homeliness, fear and coming face to face with death, to be our guiding principles.
Dear brothers and sisters in Islam; if we don’t discipline ourselves to accept this challenges and imbibe the good manners, commitment, courage amidst intimidation and harassment, determination and the fear of God in our dealing in this life; I assure you by the time Imam Mahdi (as) appears, must of us will be among his enemy that will fight against him; May Allah protect us from such calamity Amin.
There no doubt; the challenges we found ourselves are real, but are surmountable, if only, we allow the real essences and lessons of Ashura to penetrate in our hearts and souls. This is because there is no way, we can practice Islam according to the teaching of the Households of the Prophet (saw), without going through pains, losses, hardship, stigmatization, arrests and possible death from the hands of various disciples of Yazid of our time. Adherence to the teaching of the Households of the Holy Prophet (saw), represent the light that has continue to lighten the world, with knowledge, guardianship and spirituality; so, therefore, the agents of darkness will continue to use every tactics at their disposal to prevent the coming of the light of Allah on earth Imam Zaman, Mahdi (as).
The contemporary reality is that the century belongs to Islam. Islam will regain her lost glory and built a world system where justice, equality, peace, prosperity, dignity, spirituality, and development will reign. Islam will not only conquer the West, East, North and the South; but, Islam will offer mankind felicity and happiness that are lacking in today’s world. Imam Hussein (as) had done us a great favour; by redeeming and purifying our faith, it is now left for us to do our own part of the bargain?
As we mourn yet another Ashura day; we reflect on what it look like on these days and how the family of the Prophet (saw) suffered intimidation, harassment, thirst, maiming, mutilation, and death; we can only image but we cannot quantify the reality of that fearful and tragic days and nights. As we shed tears and mourn the demised of our leaders and purified households of the Holy Prophet (saw), we pray for Allah’s mercy, peace and blessing of Allah be our on our noble and the seal of all Prophet (saw) and members of his households. We pray for Allah to Endeavour us with the courage, determination and perseverance of Imam Hussein (as) as he confronted injustice and humiliation against Your religion. Oh Allah removes obsession, ego and self love in our heart, over this sinful and worthless world. Give us the heart that thinks about the hereafter and the teaching, courage, determination and perseverance of Your humble servant Imam Hussein (as), as we confronts and reflect on the challenges of our time from the various disciplines of Yazid of our time. Give us the listening ability comprehend the words of leaders and follow their conscientizing and motivation, to establish the flag of your religion in the world.Amin.
Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega
Is member of Academic Forum of Islamic Movement in Nigeria