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Ashura Day 4: Sheikh Zakzaky Clears Misconception on A’immah(AS), Shia

ashura mourningBy K. Isah
On Monday the 4th of Muharram 1436 the Leader of the Islamic Movement spoke further after isha prayer on lessons from Karbala episode.

He cleared misconception regarding the lies labeled against the Infallible Imams of  knowledge of  the unseen(ghaib), saying this has to be explained because enemies fabricated lies to distance people from A’immah (alaihimus salam).

He cited instance where some people who said the Shia claims that their A’immah know ghaib ( the unseen), in a mischievous manner,   aimed at  blackmailing Shias as worshipers of Imams thus  equating them to God in terms of worship.

He explained that people should always use their intellect to avoid being deceived as the holy infallibles never claimed to posses the knowledge of the unseen;  and when such sayings are attributed to them or are written in a book, one should find out the truth or go through the book in question.

This is because, enemies would just cut a portion of texts, out of context, which suits their interest and use it for propaganda, he noted.

Sheikh Zakzaky further said It happened when one day a small portion of his recorded speech on Cassette was played before a group of people, they asserted that in the cassette there was an insult of the companions of the Prophet (SAWA). The situation was saved only when the audience insisted on playing the Cassette from beginning to end for them to hear the insult. The cassette was played and interestingly, such claim of insult was not there, he cited.

Still on propaganda against the Followers of Ahlulbayt,  Sheikh Zakzaky explained another deception being carried along by enemies of Shia creed is on the issue of Wilayah citing a report which says “Deed will be accepted only from one with allegiance to holy Imam”.  

He said that some people used this to say shia termed everyone without allegiance as kafir.  That is not the case, he said,  as Wilayh can be categorized into two–  Implicit and explicit. Anyone who believes in the prophethood and messenger hood of Muhammad (SAWA) believes implicitly in the imamate of all the Imams. This is because he accepts all that the prophet brought from Allah and imamate in part of what he brought from Allah (AWT); unless if the wilayah of the Imam has  been explained to him and he  denied it, then he has no wilayah at all. Example are those who fought imam Ali (alaihis salam) after knowing his status as Imam, the leader explained.

He continued to elaborate more on the  misconception against Shia where he said another lies is to do with fabrication of status, similar to that of ahlulbayt,  and give to it other people; citing how position was attached  to Mu’awiyyah and the fabricators  claimed  that the supporters of Ali also did the same.

He said, the aim of such fabrications  is to do away with all the attached lofty status of both Alhulbayt(AS)  and others in case argument arises.

On the issue of way out of the dilemma, the Leader said  if truth and lies are mixed up, one has to extract the truth out of lies as there is scale and sieve use to differentiate truth from lies; one shall not disregard everything but shall seek the truth as there are people who always work toward removing fabrications and lies.

On the issue of attacks on Shia reports, the Leader If someone claims that  a Shia book of hadeeth-  the biharul Anwar,  reports  so and so , let  him know that not all the contents In Bihar are authentic as others regarded their books as authentic; The Author of Bihar only gathered reports  on many issues, he even termed some of the reports as fabrications and lies. Bihar is like encyclopedia of Shia.

He called on people towards clnging to the truth, he said It should be suggested here that  lets all Muslims –both Shia and Sunni,  join hand and select only genuine reports and do away with all reports that are not authentic as  what concern people is truth;  they just want to know the true version among others.  He cited that hungry person does not require unprepared food items when he feels hunger. His concern is ready made food to satisfy his hunger.

On Scholars, the Leader said the work of differentiating authentic from fabricated reports is the work of scholars , and they should do their work as people are in need of guidance; the scholars should authenticate issues before passing Fatwah.

On the part of the followers , Sheikh Zakzaky said  a Muslim  should be careful  of the source of knowledge as taking from wrong source leads to astray and hell just like consuming poisonous food.

According to him, all the lies being fabricated against shia is aimed at misguiding people, he concluded