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Ashura commemorated in Kudan, divine wonders seen

By M. A. Muhammad Kudan
As part of the Ashura commemoration in Nigeria, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Kudan have on Monday observed the Ashura day which drew thousands of participants. During the occasion, inscription of ‘Ya Husain’ and images of the A’immah were visible in the sky for some time.


A procession (Muzahara) was conducted in the evening which started from Yakubu Primary School, passed through major routes in the city and terminated at palace of District Head of Kudan.

In his speech at the end of the procession, Malam Junaidu Muhammad spoke on reasons for mourning the Ashura tragedy and called on people emulate the brevity and sincererity of purpose demonstrated by Imam Husain (AS).

While the procession lasted, inscriptions of ‘Ya Husain’ and images of the A’immah were visibly seen by the people, which lasted for about 15 minutes.

Guest speaker during the night session, Sheikh Sherif Shibuli from Kano condoled the Muslim Ummah over the greatest unfortunate tragedy that befell the Pure Household of Prophet Muhammad 61 AH in the plain of Karbala, Iraq.

He said, “The call by Imam Husain in Karbala was not meant to seek help, but a call on Muslims to extend and propagate the real teachings of the Messenger of Allah after him”.

Sheikh Shibuli narrated synopsis of the events right from the first day of Muharram to the 10th, day of Ashura in which Imam alongside handful of family members and disciples were brutally killed by the army of Yazid.

The Salafi Takfiri group had also organized an anti-Ashura preaching same day, meant to coincide with the day set aside by the members of the Islamic Movement. However, circusmtance changed and Ashura commemoration was shifted to Monday. The Salafi Takfiri group however conducted the anti Ashura preaching to counter the real message of Ashura.

The divine signs witnessed in the sky, people said, has doused raised questions from the people on why some people are trying to cover the Karbala tragedy.

Earlier in the month of Muharram, some religious groups have also burnt Ashura flags erected for Muharram Majlis.