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Ashura closing: Karbala Tragedy shows where to find True Islam

The leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a closing lecture of 1435 Ashura mourning gathering on 30th Muharram 1435. 

 In his lecture he described Ashura  event  as a historic  tragedy which became a landmark in the history of humanity as it affects humanity in general despite failed efforts to cover it up or distort it.

He added that many gave different reasons  as to why the killers committed such inhuman killings, while others tried to give it  different meanings. If the aim  of the perpetrators was  to kill then which meaning can be given to denying  the Imam and his family water to drink! Why cutting the arms of the one who fetched the water and killing him!?. What is the meaning of killing a suckling child in the hand of his father( Killing of Abdullahi in the hand of Imam Husain as he pleaded for water for the child)!!!

What is the meaning of beheading after killings? Why razing the tents and the beating of women; why dragging the women barefooted to Damascus? Why putting the heads of spears?.  All this crimes were committed by a people who claimed to be the followers of Muhammad(SAWA).

Nothing can be derived from this senseless act except  the highest level of enmity towards the Prophet(SAWA) and Ahlubyat- the enmity which started since the time of the prophet. . At that time they could not ‘kill’ the religion as Allah saved it. Now they got opportunity, according to their logic, to completely do away with Islam by killing its save guarders

The aim of Karbala is to totally obliterate Islam.  Yazid even wanted to kill all the children of Imam Husain so that Islam will become a history.

The Prophet said ‘I left two things which you will never go astray after me – the book of Allah and Itrah’, so they wanted to kill the itrah so that the religion will be lost.

The Prophet even explained the itrah- they are 12 infallible Imams. Itrah and the holy book are inseparable. So, they wanted to remove the Itrah so that they translate the Quran according to their whims and desires.

Alas, it was not possible to wipe the Itrah as the Karbala issue still alive,  though they wanted to changed Ashura to be a different matter such as  ascribing  other unfounded issues to Ashura day  like Prophet Musa(AS)’s victory over Pharaoh; the deliverance of  Ibraheem(AS)  from fire etc.  Yet they kept silent on Ashura tragedy!!!!

They did everything in the past to stop Ashura commemoration and even prevented people from visiting Imam Husain(AS). During Mu’awaiiay none of his men named his child  Ali or Fatimah,  Hasan or Husian because of their enmity towards Imam Ali(AS) and his followers.  Even people with Ali’s name were killed.

The visit of Imam was banned  up to the time of Abbas Dynasty . Hands were  cut for visiting Imam then.

All Praise be to God, now the issue of Ashura is growing daily and this casts fears in the hearts of the enemies because bringing to end is impossible.

Ashura becomes a scale of differentiating the right religion of Islam from the wrong one. Anybody who wants to follow true Islam should know it from  Karbala through Imam Husain(AS).

Karbala is a living affair which still exists and will to continue to live, one is either with Husain or with his enemies, nor neutrality.   Guidance lies with following of Imam Husain(AS) and Ashura is a clear evidence.