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Ashura Attack: Unsolicited Letter to Buhari and his Cohorts

By Mahdi Garba
The massacre of our brothers at the tailspin of 2015 is still fresh in our minds. The book of history has recorded how your military killed Hammad, Ali and little Humaid in cold blood while their father watch. All under the pretext ‘blocking’ a Borno-based hunter who was decorated the country’s Chief of Army Staff.

We would never forget how you shot our leader, guide, mentor, father and the list goes on…his wife Malama Zeenah keeping them incommunicado for reasons best to you. The blunders you made during your maiden media chat is stacked in our archive likewise your interview on AL-ARABIYYA TV where you showcased your hatred over us and our eminent leader Sheikh Zakzaky.

The Northern governors are nothing but cohorts as they have succumbed to every step you’re taking. Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has shown that in his words and actions.

During the Ashura procession that took place annually in over 20 Nigerian cities, you with the power bestowed upon you as the Commander of the armed forces ordered all the security apparatuses to ambush our peaceful procession.

Well, they did as you said. They have maimed, killed and dress like hooligans when destroying our properties in Funtua, Kaduna, Kano and Jos. Despite this, over 40 brothers and sisters (including minors) have been whisked away.

However, we remain resolute and not enticed to take up arms.

What is seen as IMN of today started just four decades ago with handful of students. Amidst authorities’ repressive moves the number is skyrocketing day-to-day. In the 80s when you headed the state and jailed Sheikh Zakzaky some people do not even knew him in Kaduna State not to talk of the Northern part and the country as a whole. Just recently, a scholarly listed Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky among the 500 influential clerics around the globe. The Zakzaky you have being detaining illegally!

Hope you’ll remember how Saddam Husain of Iraq failed, Abacha of Nigeria died Gaddafi killed. One day, so shall you be dumped.

The bloods of our brothers and sisters is around neck and shall haunt you till you take your last breath!

Not only for you, but for you and your cohorts.

attacking jos center

attacking jos center

Jos center set ablazed by plain cloth security operatives supported by thugs