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Army Besiege Friday mosque in Katsina: Another attack on Islam

By Abdulmumin Giwa
It would be very stupid for anyone to think the Nigerian Army is after the Shi’ite or members of the Islamic Movement in Katsina despite the fact that that is what they announce.

This is an outright war against Islam and Muslims. How could the Army besiege a public place of worship on its holy day without any form of security breech?

This is outright intimidation of innocent Muslims. They are turning the mosque into a testing ground before they begging to replicate the same thing in other places across the country.

They started by attacking Shi’ites and their facilities and now they are moving to a public mosque that does not belong to Shi’ites simply because Shi’ites pray there.

When they where their animal face and begging to kill indiscriminately as usual their victims will certainly not be Shi’ites alone, a lot of other innocent Muslims will be butchered.

More so, it is a violation of religious rights for them to besiege the mosque under any pretext because the mosque is a place of solace and spiritual peace. contrary to this they are intimidating innocent worshipers and denying them that peace and solace.

This is an issue of concern to the entire Muslims and not just the Shi’ites.

When the government operated Boko Haram it started with bombing Churches and public gatherings and later resumed bombing mosques on Fridays.

Now they have started with mass murder of Shi’ites and will now extend to the generality of Muslims. They want to intimidate the Muslims and kill the spirit of the religion.

It is a sponsored program by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia with each one playing a role and having an interest and they have found in Nigeria a leader that is willing to cooperate with them due to his naivety.


army besieged mosque in katsina