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Arba’een2023: Sheikh Addresses the intending Arba’een Pilgrims- Part 3

By Abdullahi Isah Wasagu

Leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria his eminence Sayyid Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky (H) has proved and ignored rumors and side-talks being expressed by some sections of the Muslim as related to the forty days (Arba’een) symbolic march duly performed by Ahlul Bayt followers across the globe at the month of Safar (the Hijrah Calendar).

The Leader explained this in an excerpt of his speeches while addressing a team of brothers at his Abuja residence on Saturday 19/8/2023, who are preparing to fly abroad for the forty days (Arba’een) symbolic march from Najaf to the city of Karbala in Iraq.

His eminence said that, according to some fellow Muslims, whatever they don’t know and don’t have knowledge about, it’s called heresy.

The Leader while commenting on the baseless side-talks said, for those who busy themselves criticizing the mourning and symbolic march, said they should have simply asked for why such rites are being performed? Instead of accusing and judging based on their own point of views.

He added that if to them, Ashura mourning and symbolic march is out of religion and therefore heresy, then those who perform the obligation knowledgeably have proof of why they perform such acts and are fully abreast with the virtues related to the rites. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be a knowledge known to/by all; more so you don’t have to even agree or be contented with it before it becomes a rightful obligation. If you asked and you’re furnished with proof, then ideally you’re supposed to reason with them not showing open enmity.

The Leader however said that, if you are a Sunni creed, and you believe that all Companions are righteous, then it shouldn’t raise a problem or misunderstanding; you should not be pressured.

Jabir Bin Abdullahil al-Ansari was a companion; his father was also a companion and he’s even among the well-known sparrows. It is a known fact that his father was among the dedicated companions whom the Messenger of God Almighty (S) instructed to stand on a drawn red line, never to be stepped forward no matter the milestone on the very day of the battle of Uhud.

“One could search in pages of history! Later, when they saw that the battle had ended with victory on the side of the Muslims, they decided to step forward for the spoils of war. Upon which this Companion (the father of Jabir bin al-Ansari) reminded them by saying, had the Messenger of God Almighty (S) instructed us never to step from this stand no matter what is going on?”

“They thereafter replied to him that, that is when the battle is ongoing. So, they disobeyed the Prophet’s order and left the place”

“It was said that there were 50 companions and Jabir’s father was their leader. They left him with a minority of only 12 people. As a result, Khalid bin Walid went around and killed them all. It was reported to have said that no Companion is left, including Abdullah ibn al-Ansari Jabir’s father.

Sayyid Zakzaky further explained that:

“It was reported that when Umaru Bin Khaddab was always sharing some items among the companions when he came to Jabir bin al-Ansari, he do give him two equal shares instead of one and everyone else would receive one share. One day, Abdullahi bin Umar asked him, O father! I see that you always give this companion two shares while the rest each gets one!”

In reply to this question, Ibn Khattab said, “l remember the time when his father exhibited a commendable bravery while yours ran away. That’s why I am giving him two equal shares”.

The Leader commented that Umar bin Khattab was commemorating and honoring how Jabir’s father was until he get martyred, while Abdullahi’s father ran away on that very fateful day.

His eminence however said this is Quduwa (simulation), remember his bravery became Quduwa (simulation), if it is well noticed!

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