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ARBA’EEN: A section of Sayyid Zakzaky’s disciples trekking from Najaf to Karbala

These are pictures of a section of brothers and sisters followers of Sayyid Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky (H) joining millions of Shia across the globe in trekking for the fortieth-day commemoration of the brutal killings of Imam Hussein(AS) and members of the family on the 10th of Muharram in 61AH.

As usual, every year, a journey of several kilometers is made from the city of Najaf to the city of Karbala in Iraq for a homage to Imam Hussein (AS). Also, the trek was meant for experiencing the hardships and tribulations faced by members of the family of Imam Hussein (AS) when they were chained and dragged barefooted in the scorching sun of the barren desert of Karbala, while thirsty for insufficient water as prisoners of war from the plane of Karbala to the Yazid’s Palace the son of Mu’awiya.

Below are pictures of brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement in Nigeria trekking in sympathy and sorrow and in commemoration of the calamities that befell the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S) at such a trying era.

However, in Nigeria, a symbolic trek has since been announced to commence this coming Sunday 3rd of September, 2023.

The Pambegua axis in Kaduna state will kick off prior to the other 5 axes. A total of 7 regions performed the symbolic trek each year in Nigeria.

It could be recalled that The first Arba’een trek and gathering took place in the year 61 AH. Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari, a companion of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) was one of the people who performed the trek to the burial site of the Holy Imam Hussein (AS).

Due to his infirmity and blindness, he was accompanied by Atiyya bin Sa’ad. His visit coincided with that of the surviving female members of the Prophet’s family and also Imam Hussein’s son and heir, Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) who had all been captives in Damascus by Yazíd.


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