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Arabeen Symbolic trek kicks-off in Kano/Pictures

The Ar’baeen sysmbloic Trek has  begun from Kano axis on Sunday, 7th of December 2014 around 10 am. Thousands of people from Kano, Hadejia, Potiskum, Misau, Azare, Maiduguri and neighbouring areas participated. 

The trek took off from Filin Dalar Gyada at Kofar Mazugal area of Kano city led by Sheikh Muhammad Turi. Along towns and villages, people were reminded of the incident of Karbala. The trek is symbolic to recall the trial and tribulation faced by the Hosehold of the Holy Prophet, dragged in chains under the scorching desert from Karbala, in Iraq to Damascus in Syria, after the brutal killing of Imam Husain (AS), 61 years after Hijra.