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Annual Maulid Competition Oranised by Members of Islamic Movement in Kano.

By Muhammad Isa. This year’s annual Mauldin Nabiy (SAWA) competition by Members of Islamic Movement in Kano kicked up on Tuesday the 1st of Rabi Auwal and ended on Wednesday 9th of R/Auwal 1433.

 Eight groups (Da’irah) within Kano participated in the competition, they include Kurna (Rasulul Akhram), Naibawa (Amirul Mumenin), Gwammaja (Sayyida Zahra), Sabon Titi (Imam Hassan), Tudun Wada (Imam Hussain), Fagge (Imam Zainul Abiden), Kawo (Imam Bakir), Kofar Waika (Imam Ja’afar) with each trying to present a maulid celebration that is more colourful and unique than the others.

Due to the curfew imposed (6am-6pm) by the state government the annual maulid which usually holds in the night was shifted to the day. Though Kano is one of the commercial nerve centres in Nigeria and Africa with commercial activities during the day, large turnout of attendee was recorded just for the love and affection that they have for our Noble Prophet.

Shaikh Muhammad M Turi was the special guest speaker at the various maulid in which the main thrust of the speech is the call to emulate the Noble Prophet (SAWA) as our role model which leads to a successful life in this world and the hereafter and is also the panacea to all problem. Various examples was cited by the special speaker to illustrates how worthy ones life will be by following the footsteps of Rasoul (SAWA) and the rightly guided Caliphs (AS). This call for us to uphold the supremacy of Allah (T) has been the part of Mujaddid Shehu Usman Fodio and is the path the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is on and has been calling all to it. Likewise, he also enjoyed Muslims to keep the touch of unity lightening.

Guest speakers at the maulid also reiterated the call of Shaikh Turi. In this year’s maulid celebration Pastor Samuel Abbey of the deeper life bible church Sabon Gari Kano was amongst the special guest at Kawo neighborhood maulid were he expressed appreciation for the invitation given to him and the opportunity to speak at the occasion calling upon all to emulate the Islamic movement in Nigeria and the visionary leading example of its leader Sayyed Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). He also enjoyed Muslim and Christians to keep the unity between them and block all evil plots by the greater shaitan in trying to disturb peace and tranquility between them.