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An Exemplary Muslim Who Stood for Humanity, Truth and Justice

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky adopted the motto of enjoining of the good and forbidden of the evil among members of the society, his call is encompassing and open to all those who believe in humanity and justice, regardless of sectarianism and regionalism. 

He shunned against corrupt customs, traditions and ungodly way of life, asserting that human beings are either brothers in faith or brothers in humanity. He preached that men and women are created for the sole purpose of worship; all that makes one honorable in the sight of God is individual’s ability to excel in virtue, piety, spiritual and ethical qualities, he is of the opinion that positive thoughts leads human being to perform fruitful actions, so also filthy thoughts drive them towards impurity and defilement, for human beings are a thinking creatures; they first think, and then translates their thoughts into action and when negative thoughts make way and spread like weeds, positive thoughts are gradually eliminated and their place are taken by evil thoughts which blackens the heart and destroys social life.

The Sheikh disagree with any ideology that emancipate men and women and disengage them from their social and religious activities; he preached that religion is the landmark by which Mankind is guided and exalted, he assisted in creating unity and awakening among different religions, tribes and cultures across the country; He preached about unity among Christians and Muslims, and among Muslims themselves believing that Man’s real perfection lies in his ability to liberate himself from the clutches of ignorance, selfish motives and physical pleasures and in advancing on the part of humanity by improving his sensibilities, disciplining himself and becoming acquainted with higher ideas and a wider experience and thinking. Such means will keep people away from all kinds of deviation and pave way for people to manage their life (socially, politically and economically) in accordance with good moral rules and regulations. Sheikh Zakzaky often preach that one of the basic necessities of social life is learning to get along with other people, though one can hardly find two persons who have thoughts and feelings that are identical in all respects. It is rare to find people who are in complete agreement even in the most insignificant matters of life. However, one must try so far as one can, to get along with different kinds of dispositions and personalities, so that one can develop friendly and harmonious relations with associates.

Different conspiracy, blatant lies and social intimidation has always been launched against Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers, due to the fact that some people always have their own selfish motives to protect and for that, they will seek to dehumanize and condemn others, forgetting their own flaws in life. Yet, the Sheikh persists in enjoining other members of the society to move towards self-purification, and to ignore provocations because just as the Holy Prophet of Islam (SAWA) said “A time will come to my Ummah when holding on truth is like holding on a hot coal” because the road to truth is always a bitter and a difficult path. The students of Zakzaky often organize sensitive programs time to time, which enable them to adequately interact with other members of the society; they initiated different ideological and spiritual conferences and are actively engaged in academic activities, children educational and physical activities, gender issue, timely visitation of hospital and blood donation in the neighborhood. Through the activities of members of the Islamic movement, millions of people from different regions were able to understand that more than anything else, society for its survival needs men of discipline and fortitude who are never deterred by corruption and difficulties.

Sheikh Zakzaky has awaken (in so many people) the quest for justice to humanity, his preaching against corrupt practices reveals the conspiracies of some Nigerian politicians who are more of Western puppets used to exploit the country’s human and natural resources, some of whom are the medium by which Western allies communicate their selfish policies and deliver their oppressive system of governance and throw the country into chaos. Due to his stand for truth, the Sheikh and other members had faced great tribulations and persecutions, in recent years, many attempts have been made on his life at different times. Previously his three sons were brutally killed by the Nigerian army, recently his three more sons, his students and a thousand of his followers were shot and killed and their corpse still kept in captive, the grave of his mother, sons and followers were violated. Many of his followers have been wounded, imprisoned and denied access to medical care. Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers are not terrorist’ they are among the most peaceful people in Nigeria, and they only seek to practices Islam as ordained by the true teaching of the Holy Prophet of Islam, who lived peacefully and amicably with all other members of human race and religion in tolerance and justice. Despite the brutal killing of the Sheikh’s three Sons and some of his disciple last year, he never resorted to armed violence, his followers continued to engage in peaceful demonstration to voice the injustice melted out on them by the Nigerian military. What then is the Justification for the barbaric and brutal treatment of Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers? Why should Zakzaky and his followers still be in detention? Why are the wounded denied access to family and medical care? Is it because Zakzaky stood for truth and Justice?

Sent in by

Sister Maimuna & Sister Juwairiya

Peace be upon those who stood for humanity and Justice