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Almost 300 Charged To Court In Abuja

Almost three hundred people arrested during the Arbaeen mourning procession in Abuja over the three days during which the Nigerian Army brutally attacked the mourners were charged to courts.

The lucky survivors, including women and young boys, that only got arrested were variously charged to Magistrate courts in Abuja for alleged sundry charges including public disturbances and others.

On Thursday, a hundred and twenty-eight of them were grouped into five groups and arraigned as follows: 8 were taken to Court Nine, 35 each were taken to Courts Eleven and fifteen, while Courts Seventeen and Eighteen had 20 and 30 respectively. On Friday, 28 of them were arraigned in court eight. All of them pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Earlier, some 142 others were received from SARS division of the Nigerian Police, making a total of 298 people.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has declared scores of their members missing following the attacks. These were known to have been part of the mourning procession but were neither seen among the 50 killed nor among the hundreds arrested. A consentious search for them has since been mounted, and the Nigerian Army is held responsible for their disappearance.