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Al-Aqsa Flood: Battle between Truth and Falsehood- By Imrana Umar

Context: Since the end of World War I, the need for a united, multipolar world order has emerged. The only way to prevent another world war is to create an avenue for all independent nations to come together as equals, and whenever there are disagreements between nations, this body should mediate and resolve the issues peacefully. As wonderful as this sounds, the League of Nations failed to prevent the Second World War.

Following WWII, a League of Nations was modified, and this time around, the United Nations (UN) addressed all critical factors that had previously gone unnoticed. One significant improvement was the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). This 15-member body aimed to overcome the big boys problem, and it created five permanent members and gave them a veto right.

In short, those countries, popularly known as P5, control the UNSC. Ideally, the UN is supposed to be unbiased and protect every member nation’s interests, but doing that may sometimes cross paths with the interests of major league nations, so that can be controversial, thus the veto right. Gradually, the UN caused the very polarization we see today. Now there’s the Western bloc, global south, Far East, and other names out there, but the bottom line to this is that people are grouping themselves to protect their own interests since the very organization that was meant to just do that failed to do so.

This is evident with BRICK, SCO, G7, G20, ECOWAS, SADC, and many others. So these kinds of alliances created an atmosphere of division because every other one represents a threat to the other.

Why is this important? Well, the ideological backing of those alliances is what matters. After WW2, through the 50s and 90s, the focus was on communism versus Western democracy, and right around the 1980s, a new political ideology emerged that is neither communist nor capitalist but the most elegant combination of all; it has all the good aspects of capitalism and communism while at the same time eliminating all the bad aspects of the two. And this ideology was never tested in modern history, so yes, it is interesting, but no one considered it a threat at the time. This ideology is none other than Wulayatul Faqih, introduced as a viable form of political system.

So when communism collapsed with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the western bloc had no tested threat, and this maturing prototype of Islamic governance is not yet to be evaluated as an existential threat. As always, good comes out.

Wulayatul Faqih is the guidance of a jurist on behalf of God the Almighty. It has a simple philosophy: there is no one better to govern with justice than God, because it’s not only humans that live on earth, and we are to live in harmony with all the other creatures, so God has given mankind a book to guide them. This book needs to be interpreted according to time and location, and there comes the jurist, because God normally sends down His prophets, and prophets leave behind successors, but in a situation where none is available, a jurist can interpret the book and guide the people.

It’s a brilliant idea, and the fact is nobody likes injustice, so naturally people will accept it since it is the purest form of justice. When this became clear to the Western world, they understood that they had a competitor, and now a very powerful one, because this idea has faith, believes in spiritual guidance, and also evolves with time, making it very difficult to counter.

Just like the war between the West and the Soviet Union, the Western world believes in power; they follow the same playbook of propaganda, dehumanization, crackdowns, wars, and many other forms of antagonizing people to dissuade them from understanding this new Islamic political system. They create a powerful alliance to liquidate any form of Islamic civilization; they have it all figured out; they have this road map to start in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and any other nation that does not accept their way of life. They did everything possible to achieve that, and this is what brings the resistance axis to life.

Resistance Axis: the ultimate goal of the Western world is to eradicate any form of Islamic politics, as they call it “medieval,” and, as much as possible, have people submit to their way of life. This is not a secret; in fact, it’s in the media all the time. More importantly, that is why they even created Israel in the Middle East. At the time, if they had their way, they wanted an Arab nation to be like Israel and wouldn’t have had to invent one. So the threat is real, and unfortunately, after the 1973 war, many Arabs and Islamic countries felt there was nothing more they could do but accept the Western way of life.

Of course, a number of other people in the region disagreed and failed to submit to the will of the occupiers. They mobilize and resist the occupation of their land and minds. By the 1980s, many groups had come into existence, such as Hamas in Palestine, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria and Iran gave them the support they needed. Over time, this front grew, especially after the invasion of Iraq and the military adventurism in Yemen. What all these groups do is heed the call for help from their brothers, and they provide just that.

The resistance front defends this reality, which gives dignity to people and protects the Islamic civilization from extinction. They fight for the truth.

What does it mean to support Palestinian resistance? There is no moral consortium here; these are people fighting for their right to survive and thrive; they are resisting occupation and 75 years of terrorism and vilification. It’s clear that no one will ever accept living under such conditions. Their story is not only justified, but it’s the only truth; for far too long, they have suffered, and that is undisputed.

The Palestinian resistance must win; there is no other way around it; this is a fact.
The IOF has deliberately attacked and killed civilians to break the will of Palestinians because they want them to surrender their freedom and dignity. It’s tragic to lose a single soul. But Israel winning this war will ensure future massacres because there is no doubt that fighting Hamas is just an excuse. This war is never about them whatsoever; it is a war of attrition. They want to break the resistance front; they want to create new engagement rules; and after Palestine are Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iran, and others.

And their defeat is the defeat of the US, NATO, so-called moderate Arabs, and all their allies.

The Line: The situation today is the product of the long imperialistic ambitions of the West. We can see how the UN and all other institutions established to prevent such catastrophes have been rendered useless.
The only real option is self-defense, self-determination, and resistance.

14th November, 2023.

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