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AIT Crew Visit Sheikh Zakzaky

The crew of the African Independent Television (AIT) paid a courtesy visit  to the Leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky on Tuesday

 the 28th of August 2012 at Husaniyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.

The purpose of the visit was to express their gratitude to the revered Sheikh for the patronage they got during the recent Ramadan Tafsir when the channel aired the Tafsir of holy Qur’an as espoused by Sheikh Zakzaky throughout the period of Ramadan. They further explained that the Tafsir has been of immense benefit to their teeming viewers. This was evident according to them, from positive comments expressed through calls and letters they received from the viewers.


The AIT crew further noted that their Christian viewers also expressed their  benefit and satisfaction especially regarding the Sheikh’s explanation  on the issue of Jesus, Prophet Isa (AS)during the Tafsir.

At the end of the visit the crew further hope that the cooperation with their channel  shall continue.