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By Nasir Hashim
I don’t have a single doubt if somebody says that African politics is badand that except a few all African politicians are equally bad. It is a common knowledge that whenever somebody mention the word politics, among other things, what come to the mind of any average African man are: a system of corruption, deception, lies, treachery, gimmicks ,thuggery  etc.

 At least these are the elements of politics that have been in practice in this part of the world over the years. I think the above statement is just a conjecture but an undeniable statement of fact.It is a repeated observation and therefore could be considered a fact. The situation is the same in Ghana, Togo, Gambia, Mali, Liberia, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cameroun, Chad etc. It the same in Nigeria- there is any exception. Conversely, politics in America, England, France, Australia, China, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. connotes a system by which social justice, national development; freedom and human dignity are attained and sustained. 

 In Nigeria most especially, people retire voluntarily from public office or private enterprise in order to join politics with the sole desire to make billions of naira or dollars within the space of four (4) years, otherwise they cannot achieve that in thirty (30) years of their careers. In fact it might not be achieved for life. Politics in Nigeria is the most lucrative venture. It is therefore wrong, and it amounts to deception tosay Alh. AlikoDangote is the richest man in Africa. In reality Dangote is just a business agent; the richest man is among the politicians.

In my humble opinion, APC is not better than PDP likewise PDP is not better than APC. In fact, what you have in APC today is the same as what you have in PDP. More than 80% of APC members came from PDP. And in case PDP wins 2019 election they will make a go back to their former Platform. The interest is nothing else than money and political power. The society sees respect and dignity only in material wealth and political power. This is what average Nigerian believes in, and that is why Buhari cannot succeed in fighting corruption because the society sees respect and human dignity only material wealth and political power. Buhari’s governments itself was ushered in with the support of among the most corrupt politicians, and are deeply part and parcel of the government.What we need in Nigeria is moral revolution that can change our direction towards a better value system but notarrest, intimidation, imprisonment or killing of people.

There is a lot of evidence that the line of demarcation between the 1960’s and that of 1999’s to that of the present is very tiny. I read in history how NPC supported by monarchies within and outside Nigeria used public wealth and political power to accumulate multi-faceted advantages and henceforth created dynasty within Nigerian society. Also they used political power to intimidate and punish their political opponents such as NEPU followers. sometimes in 2005,  a man in Kano told that there was a time in the holy month of Ramadan when NPC  leaders ordered him and his NEPU colleagues to be arrested just a few minutes to Iftar ( breakfast) and they had the iftar only after the sun set of the following day. It means they observed two day fast continuously without iftar. I think the only difference between the politics of the 1960’s and that of present is that the politicians 1960’s rarely killed people.  In my perspective it is better to steal peoples’ wealth than to kill them. When you killing people and leave behind their property, who will benefit from the property you are fighting to save? I mean to why would Buhari ordered for the massacre of thousands of innocent lives in Zaria and at the same time fighting to recover stolen wealth. Is it morally or politically logical to save wealth at the very expense of human lives? Does it make any sense? Most of the people killed have never offended God and indeed neither have they offended Nigerian constitution in that they were minors. Those infants knew nothing apart from Mosque, school and other places of socio- religious importance. Likewise, among the adults killed majority of them new nothing but mosque, school and other places of socio-cultural or religious importance. They hardly offend God and they are associated with crime. General Buratai himself according to Yusha’u A. Shuaib said Shiites didn’t even know how to use Molotov. Mr. Yusha’u said this one of the things that made him changed his view about Zaria incident. For him the blockage possible was cause by some Zaria residents who were blaming members of Islamic movement for nuisance in the city.But the president doesn’t care. In fact, we prefer Buhari being a thief to being a tyrant murderer.

With Buhari at the helm of Nigerian affairs change has not come yet, and it may not come in the nearest future so long as Nigerians fail to understand what really their problem is.

As far as I am concernedunder the current political trend, it is a mere wait of time to join a long queue for voting, especially, under the scorching sun of northern part of this country. Year in year out Nigerians has been voting for people who attach no meaning to their lives – very arrogant and obdurate but not intelligent people. I suppose if one is stubborn one has to be intelligent enough to enable him face his critics. This is why I think Mr.Buhari is deceiving himself by behaving arrogantly and stubbornly when he is not intelligent in politics, diplomacy, economy etc. In his parochial political mindset, believes as a president he is too big to have dialogue with any individuals or organizations. He believes in the application of naked and excessive force to kill or torture people including his personal enemies.

I don’t think am wrong if I shun voting under the system of tyranny and corruption. Even those who chose to do have no any good reason. For example, if you ask a Muslims, why do you think voting is important to you? They will tell you, “if we don’t vote the Christians will dominate us, so we have to vote for our man”. TheChristians also will tell you virtually the same thing – maybe with slight difference. The country is already in a mess, but there is hope in the heroes and role models who preach for perfect peace, unity, social justice and national development regardless of any tribal, sectarian or political inclinations. Indeed Nigerians have good lessons to learn from the life of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky. A man who lost everything he cherishes in cause of fighting for humanity. He never hesitates to expose the conspiracies of the bad African politics and bad African politicians, and never hesitate to tell them the truth despite threat and intimidation. Unlike other Muslim scholars, El- Zakzaky believes in the possibility of establishing unity and different Muslim denomination on one hand and among Muslims and Christians on the other. His struggle towards that is eminent;only hisenemies can close their eyes and deny it. Sheikh Zakzaky is a symbol of the oppressed and embodiment of moral values. The future of Nigeria is the hands of good people but not in the hands of people who install panic in minds of Nigerian citizens. Nigerians don’t need coercion; they need justice. Nigerians don’t need death; they need life. Nigerians don’t need economic doom; they economic boom. Nigerians don’t need who will frown against them; they need who smile for them to feel happy.

The future of Nigeria is not in thehand of thepresident whose people are being killed but remains silent for two conservative weeks. And when finally spoke, he only tried to justify the act without concrete evidence. For example he said, “I saw a video clip which shows some tanagers hitting the chest of Generals”. Up to this day the military could not produce the clip. In fact they said they didn’t cover that scene. I wonder how president Buhari saw the incident. Again, when he was asked whether he regretted the incident, he carelessly said the figure was exaggerated. I wonder if an atrocity is only regrettable if many lives go. I suppose even the life of a single goat lost is worth regretting. The futureof Nigeria is not in the hand the president who remains unrepentant nearly six months since the massacre of 1000+ of their citizens killed for a reason not more an alleged road blockage- something he preplanned himself using some hoodlums brought to the scene by a Sharon kind of motor vehicle.

My greatest regret is that till this day some misinformed Nigerians still believe that Buhari is their savior and redeemer.

Peace, blessing and protection of Allah should be upon the rightly guided.