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AFIMN PRESS RELEASE: We Know Who We Are ;Spooks cannot make us fight our brothers

It is known to people that the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of his Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) is a mass movement of millions of people from different strata of life .

This is a movement that has been in existence for four decades and has achieved in changing the minds and the thoughts of million of people from negative to positive.

Three years ago (12/12/2015), the Nigerian authorities under general Buhari attacked the Islamic movement using a staged managed traffic obstruction organized by agents. In the attack,over one thousand innocent Nigerians were killed in less than 48hours which includes women and children.

Many Nigerians and other concerned people across the globe were surprised; why the barbaric attack. Until when the Saudi crown prince Bn Salman publicly informed the world in one of his US interviews that they are behind the attack to curtail Iranian influence in Nigeria.

The "Champions" of Human Rights Protection – US kept mute and pretend as if northing happened. We cannot be fooled by any entity because we know the role played by the US and its allies in attacking our brothers and sisters in Zaria.

Shaikh Zakzaky who’s six sons were massacred by the authority was shot severally with his wife and detained illegally despite the orders given by the court that he should be released and be compensated.

As guns and bullets fails to wipe the Islamic movement,few weeks back, hundreds of government paid interlopers that have been in the movement were relocated to Kano to create internal conflict and to kill the Kano State representative of brothers and sisters of the Islamic movement , Shaikh Sunusi Abdulkadir Koki.


The Islamic movement is uncrushable , no power on earth can wipe the power of conviction , even death cannot kill the movement. We know who you are and we are watching you , but , we hope you will understand that one day you will all go back to your creator Allah. Repent ,serve humanity and follow the truth.

We will like to conclude by calling on the tyrannic government of general Buhari to end the Kaduna Case within a Case false dramatic trial and free Shaikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah as well as other Nigerians that are detained illegally.


S.I Ahmad
For the Academic Forum