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AFIM calls for immediate release of 3 detained members of the Islamic Movement

By Ibrahim Usman
Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIM), a coalition of students from tertiary institutions across the country have demanded the immediate and unconditional release of three illegally detained members of the Islamic Movement by the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS).

 At a press conference in Kaduna, coordinator of the Forum, Shuaibu Ahmad narrated in February, 2013, the SSS unlawfully arrested Haruna Abbas and Ibrahim Husain, and the recent arrest of another member Ado Hujjah.

According to him, since then neither their families nor any of their relatives were allowed access to them, and were also not charged of any offence.

He decried the continued unlawful detentions and human rights violations of Nigerians by the Nigerian security, which said has transgressed local and international laws.

“We thought it is an obligation of any government to protect all rights of its citizens. We can see in other countries, governments are jealously protecting and nurturing their citizens and they always ensure that their citizens are not harm or mistreated in any situation for the progress and development of their citizens and societies. Unfortunately in Nigeria, the State and its security apparatus are systematically extinguishing the life and the well-being of its own citizens   – Their right to liberty and security, their right to family and life, and violating the prohibition of torture of any kind” he further lamented.

“We can remember that on the 25th and 26th of July , 2014 the lives of innocent and promising Nigerians were brutally terminated –the 34 members of the Islamic Movement including 3-biological sons of the leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakaky(H) , Ahmad , Hamid and Mahmud. A graduating Chemical Engineering student, a student of Aeronautical Engineering and student of  Islamic Theology respectively. 66 years old Chief Julius Anyanwu , women and children were also shot dead on that fateful day. This monumental atrocity was carried out by a detachment of the Nigerian Army headed by Lt. Col. S.O Oku. Recently, a University Professor, Professor Ahmad Falaki of A.B.U Zaria was also killed in Gombe by the Nigerian Security apparatus”, said Shuaibu.

At the end of his address, Shuaibu Ahmad sent out this message:” We would not relent our quest for a quick release of Brother Haruna Abbas, Brother Ibrahim Husain and Brother Ado Hujjah”.

Other speakers at the press conference included Sameer Yusuf and Malam Ahmad Ayingba, who denounced the unlawful arrests, and demanded immediate release of the detained members as a demonstration of civility.

According to the speakers, though human rights abuses and unlawful detentions have become landmark of tyrannical government the world over, the mode of operation in Nigeria superseded any nation with similar inhuman criteria.

They said, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has demonstrated unprecedented restraint and civility over the years against state-sponsored oppression meted on it, saying that should not be taken for granted by the government.

They said, the Islamic Movement will never be derailed or forced into losing its tracks of civility recorded over years, while it has a focused and visionary leader at the helm of affairs.

Families of the detained members present at the occasion, narrated their ordeal, over 2 years since the arrest.