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Peace be upon those who follow the right path
On the 25th and 26th of July the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has experienced a great amount of injustice where thirty four (34) members of the Movement including three (3) sons of the leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) were massacred on the street by a detachment of the Nigerian army headed by one Lt. Col. S.O Oku during a peaceful procession in Zaria.

 Again, on March 30, 2015 Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the people of Kaduna state have witnessed another sad moment as the blood of the innocent was spilled by Nigerian soldiers. This time around the military atrocity was carried out under the command of one Captain Sene. He shot five (5) members of the Movement, among them Brother Umar Faruk was confirmed dead. The other four were critically injured.

 This heartless attack on these young and creative Nigerians is rather unfortunate and calls for sober reflection on the kind of leadership we have in this country. Nigeria, a land of vast opportunities held ransom by blood thirsty soldiers.

 One can understand that, the government is facing great political challenge on the eve of impending defeat. The question is, is Kaduna Markaz an opposition headquarters? Or it is the vote collation center? For what crime were these Brothers shot? It is a fact that the essence of every government is to protect and defend the life, honour and properties of the people. Even the classical secularist social contract theoretician of the state like, Thomas Hobbes, John Hocke and Jean Jackque Russian, opined that, the state exist to protect the people against domination, injustice, killing, invasion and destruction. That people surrender their powers and privileges to selected few to protect and defend them against domination, injustice and dead. It is therefore, surprising that in Nigeria, government through its military can turn against its citizen. One cannot be wrong to say that, we do not have a government, but an enclave of wild beasts.

 The brutality meted on these innocent Nigerians has further exposed the Nigerian government as the real source of insecurity which for the past four (4) years, has being using pseudo name “Boko Haram”, in order to perpetrate all sorts of criminality against the people.

The Jonathan administration by this act of perfidious bunkum has finally removed the mask from its face, and has sent direct message to people of this country that killings in northern part of the country is the handiwork of the hitherto masked men.

Academic forum therefore strongly condemn this barbaric and wicked murder of its member Umar Faruk by the Nigerian Military . The world awaits justice to be done. A situation where the lives of innocent and promising Nigerians were brutally terminated by officers of the Nigerian military can’t just go unpunished. It is baffling how the government would think that people would just let things go that way without demanding for justice. No amount of passage of time would make the people of this country forget the gruesome murder of innocent Nigerians across the country. We would continue to hold the government responsible. We would continue to demand for justice. We would not relent our quest for justice until such a time when the perpetrators of this cowardly act are brought to book.






S.I Ahmad