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Abul Fadl Abbas Foundation facilitates release of inmates in Bauchi

By Khalid Idris Doya
Last Thursday, members of Abul Fadl Abbas Foundation under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Bauchi chapter made a giant stride by facilitating the release of some inmates in Bauchi prison through payment of their fines and standing as guarantors for the inmates.

This humanitarian effort has endeared members of the Islamic Movement under His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) to the community, which has led to proper understanding of the Shaikh Zakzaky’s call as the only path to salvation.

Prior to the release of the inmates, members of the Foundation had organized a lecture inside the Bauchi prison with many inmates in attendance, with the approval of the deputy controller in charge of the prison.

The deputy controller, Gimba Manu Dumbulowa expressed deep appreciation for seeing youths committing their lives to salvage humanity, especially youths, while at tender age.

The officer in charge who lead conduct of the lecture at the premises of the prison said, this was a sign of good things to come from a society whose youths are decent with human kindness in their hearts.

Gimba told the inmates mission of the Abul Fadl Abbas members to facilitate release of some of them saying the state chief judge would visit the prison to finalize their release of the selected inmates.

Oga Chibozo who spoke on behalf of the members of Abul Fadl Abbas said the objective of the forum was to execute communal self-help projects such as sanitizing and clearing of drainages, spraying of insecticides in culverts and drainages, assisting the sick in hospitals, and so on.

“We have been contemplating on the way to assist prison inmates and finally came to the conclusion that rather than to give you food or clothing, it is better to ensure your freedom with assurance of staying away from crime again”, he added.

Chibuzo also said, as youths and as well students it was their pleasure that all the inmates were freed, but that do to constraints it would not be possible at one time. “We will still visit you on regular basis to see what we can do in due course. You should know that, we are students of the great Leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) whose teachings we uphold and practice, hence the community work we execute to every segments of the society”.

Malam Ukasha Idris Doya presented lecture to the inmates on the mission of man on earth citing references from Qur’anic verses and Hadith.

He urged the prison inmates to dedicate themselves to the service of their Creator saying, “The life of this world is but an illusion. The world is a prison to the believer and place of joy to the unbeliever”.

Citing the case of Prophet Yunus who invoked the invoked blessing of the Almighty as service to Him even while in the belly of a whale, urged them to use the period of their incarceration as an opportunity to serve their Creator.

“You found yourselve here for one of three things: mistake, injustice or misfortune. For whatever reason you found yourself in prison, use it as an opportunity to serve Allah and seek for His forgiveness. Do not give up. Use the time to change your life, your worldview and attitude toward your Creator”, Malam Ukasha appealed.

He also called on the freed inmates not to forget their colleagues in incarceration and also maintain good conduct for the rest of their lives.

Sulaiman Sani who spoke on behalf of the freed inmates expressed gratitude to the members of the Abul Fadl Abbas and assured to maintain good conduct for the rest of their lives.

He further extended gratitude to the Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, under whose influenced he said their release was possible. “This has cleared my misconception of the Shaikh Zakzaky’s call entails. I have now come to terms with what he is calling for and activities of the Movement he leads. My regards to the great Leader”, he added.

One of the inmates closed the session with prayers.