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By Muhammad Darazo
On several occasions, the leader of the Islamic Movement In Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) denuded the conspiracy of the Nigerian Army’s plot to abduct Our Zaria Girls. Withal, there were many attempts to abduct Our Zaria Girls by the Nigerian Army on several occasions. God, in his infinite mercy protected them until the disastrous #ZariaMassacre. 

The Zaria Girls had being reporting cases of abduction attempt by the Nigerian Army, to the leadership of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
Attempts were made by some brothers of the Islamic Movement to protect the Zaria Girls, thereby escorting them in orderly manner, to their various destinations after any program organized by the Movement.

On the 12th of December, an usual appearance of men of the Nigerian Army, heavily armed with dangerous weapons and bullet reload boxes for exigency, stationed directly opposite the entrance gate of Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, evoked the attention of some brothers of the Islamic Movement to seek for enquiry from the Army about the abstruse act. When the brothers asked, the person in charged replied, that they were there to protect the Chief Of Army Staff (COAS) from possible attack, as they were about to commence a passing out parade at DeportNA. The brothers told them that the Islamic movement In Nigeria had never in the past, attack anyone, and the Islamic Movement will never engage in such act, not even in future. The Army couldn’t say anything reasonable, but showing signs that they have a mission to accomplish. As the Islamic Movement had being subjected to illegitimate attacks from the Nigerian Army, the brothers had to insist. When the brothers insisted, the Army took shooting positions, threatening to shoot the members of the Islamic movement at their center. The brothers called for God’s protection by chanting Allahu Akbar (Allah is great). On hearing that, the Army started shooting the brothers, thereby killing some of them and injured some. After the shooting, the Army retreated some kilometres.

Some hours later, the Army came back with the convoy of the Chief Of Army Staff. They encountered some youths protesting the murder of their brothers. The Army claimed that they want to pass, while the brothers were trying to forward their complain about the actions of the men of the Nigerian Army. The Army opened fire on the protesters and killed some of them including women and children. The convoy of the Chief Of Army Staff proceeded to their claimed destination. An hour later, another heavier armed group of the Nigerian went back to the center. They sieged the center and waited for command until night. While the members of the Islamic Movement were trying to save the lives of the injured victims, women and children were crying woefully for the lost of their loved ones. The Army commenced Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah invasion at around 10pm. They killed as much as they could, using dangerous weapons and explosive devices. Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah was completely invaded at dawn. Many people were killed while some were injured. The Army arrested
the injured and handed them over to the police few days after the crime, while they abducted the surviving girls to date.

The attack was dilated to Gyallesu, the residence of the leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). They killed as much as they could at Gyallesu using every weapon at there disposal. The attack at Gyallesu include rape, torture, burning to death and humiliation of many kind. After successfully killing everyone standing, they moved ahead to humiliate the leader of the Movement. They killed 3 of his 4 remaining sons at his presence, they burnt his sister, Hajia Fatima Yakub Zakzaky to death while he hears her voice, they shot his wife 6 times while he watches, and they rained bullets on him. They finally abducted him and his wife and took them to an unknown place while they sustained injuries.

After successfully accomplishing the Massacre, they abducted the surviving Zaria Girls and took them to an unknown destination. For 9 months, the Nigerian Army did not disclose the whereabout of the Zaria Girls. That is why I suspect the "Zaria Girls abduction" as the enticement behind the Massacre. If the Nigerian Army can shamelessly say that the Massacre of over 1000 defenseless and unarmed citizens was because of "road blockade" or "condone and search" for weapons such as MTN sim cards, mobile phones and reflective jackets. I might not be wrong when I say the "Abduction of Zaria Girls is one of the reasons behind the #ZariaMassacre".

The abducted Zaria Girls are students of different higher institutions in Nigeria. The abduction cost them a complete session in their schools. Some of them are facing the threat of loosing their academic program due to the policy of their schools, that students are allowed to dipper only for a single session, otherwise they will be withdrawn. Some of them are final year students of universities, they are facing the threat of residential permit expiry. They are professionals in their fields and useful to the society. They were never found guilty of any crime by the law. Their parents want to see their daughters, their relatives, friends and loved ones also
want to see them.

When a Government turns to be oppressive, reasonable humans have no option than to side with the oppressed. Fighting for the rights of others means fighting for my right. No one will live in comport when his daughter, wife, sister or friend is abducted. When talking about human rights, we keep sectarianism aside. The oppression against Our Zaria Girls has reached its peak and became terrible. "Enough is Enough", let’s join hands to rescue Our Zaria Girls. I am calling on all activists, feminists, advocates and freedom fighters to join the struggle for the emancipation of @OurZariaGirls.